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FOR SALE Mopar Door Hinges Remanufactured yours or ours when Cores Available

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do you carry any hinge springs?
Yes. There is a picture of them back in the first post in the first link. 67-70 B-body, 67-76 A-body, 70-74 E-body. All the same. $18. each, polished.
its big
drivers side lower
Here are the pics of the 71-73 with the coil and the 73-78 with the large torsion spring.
here it is
the outline is the part that broke off
it also has a bend to the ends
it doesn't lay flat
do you sell them separate?
I only need one
it came from a 71 satty
that I'm sure was original
car was in original paint when I parted it
don't even bother
I will take em
just pm me a way to pay you
shipping to 08701
Not a 71. Anyway your spring is broken at the door check roller. Is it frozen? If so, it will cause the new one to fail at the same spot. I can try to order just one side but The mfg. has only sold these in sets because unlike the other springs/hinges, these have a different spring for the left and the right. Is the other side hinge the same ? They are stamped left and right.
I am out of stock on those springs. I will have to check Monday to see if they are in stock at the mfg for shipment. I get them in an oiled finish from heat treatment. I tumble polish them for a couple of days to polish the surfaces. They are a torsion spring just like the torsion bars in the front end and I polish them to eliminate any scratches or nicks to prevent cracking from use. I will email back on Monday.

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no hurry
I'm pretty sure the roller works but I will check
weird its not a 71 but you never know with these cars after so long
the car it came from had 91k miles car was all original
its going into a 71 as is every other nice part that I took off it.
I can vouch for Mopar Leo's work. Outstanding rebuild service and quality work using new parts, not re using your old parts. You will be impressed when you get your hinges back. Marked and sealed in plastic bags ready for paint. Nice work Leo !!
HR 20
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