FOR SALE Mopar NOS 4 Terminal Ballast Resistors For Sale, Part No. 3874767

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    For Sale on ebay; here's the link:

    Mopar Part Number 3874767 - NOS/NORS (New Old Stock/New Old Replacement Stock) Four-Post Ballast Resistor for all Mopars (Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler), for late 1971 and newer production cars, trucks, and vans with Electronic Ignition. Excellent for your restoration and/or to have as the spare(s) in your glovebox. Also have available the 4 terminal ballast resistor with no number stamped in it (blank ballast resistor).

    Again, this is a NOS (New Old Stock) Ballast Resistor, produced by a Chrysler Corporation supplier to Chrysler specifications. Note the second photo showing the back of the ballast resistor - the ballast resistors are sealed, not open! This means that the resistors are not "open" facing the firewall of your car! A superbly manufactured part!

    This is a NEW (NOS - New Old Stock), as well as replacement (NORS - New Old Replacement Stock) ballast resistor, MADE IN THE USA!!!! Cross reference Part Numbers Include: Part Number # RU12, RU12T, RUE1, WELLS# 6R1008, CR1105, Other Part Numbers 8A4, CR105, 50-5501, FR57, 73071, ICR24, 5212 OE# 12336833, 23005, 3656199, 3874767

    Larger quantities available for discounted price - please PM for details.

    $7.50 each, with free shipping from Northport, New York (Long Island). If you want to purchase more than four, PM me.

    Ballast Resistor 3874767 Front.jpg Ballast Resistor 3874767 Back.jpg
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