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    I have some stuff off my 68 Roadrunner I didn’t use
    Mallory 140 fuel pump with correct regulator and billet filter all new had fuel ran through it 1 time
    Crane Fireball Hi-6 ignition with correct coil perfect shape
    1/0 Battery cable made up for rear battery in a 68 B body could use A or E to plastic insulated wire with all terminals.

    F25E70E6-C9B2-4E49-ACA7-E24F7892FF3C.jpeg 2023C529-08A4-48A1-97CA-FC6B60D4EDE1.jpeg 46357EB4-F03A-4FFC-907A-6BC2C6A64288.jpeg 883AE2A0-3480-4E61-9BD6-5402EE299B84.jpeg 57A56F2C-89A8-4711-B0BE-F972EACCE521.jpeg 55C670AF-0A85-46A2-B143-C30E00D03847.jpeg DAA4430C-D6CC-42C1-954C-7511B8552A9A.jpeg 468A93CF-9C06-4974-9DE9-D2FDFFBF1189.jpeg
Thread Status:
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