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Mopars at the Red Barns


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6:58 AM
Aug 6, 2012
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NW Indiana
Anyone going? Anyone from the NW or NE Indiana going?

They need to move it away from monster mopar weekend
The Red Barn show has been this week end for over 25 years.

Yes.. Mike is correct, the show has been this time of the year for many
years, and I don't think the Western Michigan Mopar Club that helps
put the show on, plans any date changes as far as I know. I only live
about 20 miles or less from Gilmores @ The Red Barns, so I might
go if it does not rain. If anyone is/are looking for some sheetmetal
or something mopar, send me a PM. @Dodge33
Anyone going? Anyone from the NW or NE Indiana going?

Yes, I was there today.

I'm not much of an award/trophy type of guy, that's not why I go to shows at all.

But.............they had awesome awards this year, probably the coolest I've ever seen at any show. These were awarded to the "Top 20" Mopars at the Red Barns show today.

I was talking to my brother about the show this morning.. and a very good friend that we know, and lives very close to the Red Barns, was telling my
brother last night, the Western Michigan Mopar Club does not have anything to do with the Mopar Show at the Red barns, as the Red Barns are putting on all of there own shows now. Just a FYI only.. this info is not my saying, but does come from a lifetime Mopar man, so I have to believe it is very true. @Dodge33
I would say you are correct. I did not see their tent yesterday.
That is very correct, but it does not apply to all shows but it does to this one
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