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more poop than paint


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Aug 16, 2014
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hopewell PA
word of mouth lead me to this 86 RC sitting for 12 years in a barn under a bunch of bird nest. Drove out in the 85 to show her off and have a look.
Turned into one of them get it out of my way im tired of looking at it things. so i did.
gave him room ... gave me title. key was in it .... shook my hand and walked away.
318 with some day 2 bolt on stuff. factory off road package.
He realy liked my 85 and im thinking it had something to do with the deal he gave me on the 86 after i showed him the before pics of the 85
bad news is the wiring .... sooo bad. looks like there was a wirer fryer under the dash and I bet that is why no one wanted it. well that and all the poop.... lol




just a helpfull hint .... if going to look at a classic .... take a classic. ..... JMO
I sure would like to find a bird poop charger somewhere. :praying:
ya never know ... there still out there.
new grill .... trying to make it look a bit better sense it will be my driver....

Didn't most of these come with the Dana 60 w/ factory locker? I was keeping an eye out and thinking about a future potential swap. Anyone ever do this?
1974-96 (this Fucken site won't let me put the damn whole ink in)
they made a Mexico Ramcharger version
on the US Durango platform 1998-2001

& Plymouths 1974-81 versions 'Trail Dusters'

In Alaska mid 80's
I had a 1977 Plymouth Trail Duster I got for $350
hadn't had any maintenance done on it ever I think
plugs were coverd with some white & pink ****
(anti-icing fuel additive is my suspicion)
surprised it even ran at all,
did a quick tune up oil change & fluids everywhere ran like a champ
440 3 speed (I found odd), 203 NP transfer case (IIRC)
fulltime 4x4, dana-44 front & 9.25 corp. rear org.
changed both to dana-60s,
The front end was later a Hi-pinion, I found in some old guys garage
(IIRC out of a Dodge PowerWagon military vehicle, (M7 ?) IIRC)
he didn't know what he had, hell I didn't know what he had either
It was all rusty & just sitting there for $50 for the front & $100 for the rear
mine was 2 tone light blues

77 Trail Duster Advert. #1.jpg
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