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Motor feels "stiff"


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12:11 AM
Mar 7, 2009
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Aiea, HI
OK, so my motor has been out of the car for almost two years now. I have it torn down to the short block with the timing chain set installed but as I was installing the chain set it I noticed the motor felt like it was turning kind of stiff.

Could this be an issue if I drop the motor in, prime it and start it? Should I tear it down and throw some oil or assembly lube on the rotating parts to make sure everything is all lubed up as a precaution??
Probably some flash rust on the walls of the cylinders that had valves left open
There is a torque spec for the rotating assembly, find out what it is, I don't remember, and try it. If your isn't close to spec you must find out why and fix it now.
Theoretically you're supposed to pop the heads and remove the rust. However, you've already rotated the motor which means the rings are trying to scrape the rust off for you (assuming there IS rust in the cylinders) so at this point maybe some trans fluid or Marvel Mystery oil in each cylinder
Probably not much oil in the main and rod bearings anymore either unless it had been reassembled with some good motor assembly lube before sitting all that time. I would try to squirt some oil in anywhere you can along the crank shaft so you are not schaffing the bearings.
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