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MPC Mopar Promo Models - Looking For Information


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Jun 4, 2019
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For years I've hosted a Mopar promo model and literature website. It's an informational site only- nothing for sale. I recently completely re-designed it and was hoping some members might be able to help me fill-in some gaps in promo related information on the site.

The website is Moparlit.com

The promo home page is Promo Model Home - Moparlit.com

I'm looking for the following:
- Anyone know anyone who ever worked at the MPC factory in Mount Clemens? Would love to interview them. Or, does anyone have any pictures of the facility?
- On the site I have pictures of the order forms for most of the Dodge Hi-po cars, made by MPC. However, I don't have many Plymouth order forms. I'd be grateful if anyone has some they'd be willing to let me post.
- Always looking for rare or unusual promos or promo-related items to feature. I have a special page for them, but would love to feature more rare cars, boxes, etc. Specifically- does anyone have a white '70 Charger promo? Or a white '70 GTX with a box? These GTX's were made by JoHan.

I appreciate the help.

68 Chargers.jpg
Growing up one of my buddies was the Ceo and owner of Johan. He gave me tons of models. Still have several today that I never opened or built. I always thought the Johan models also had the most detail.
I have some promos. About 3 years sgo. I had 2 bedrooms full. I ended up trading those for vintage fender strat and tele guitars.


I have built a lot of models in my days, but only have one promo. This is a very nice 1964 Polara in red that I bought on this site, with no box. I don't think Canadian dealers offered promos as much as American stores did. I have built a lot of Johan Mopar models. Although the chassis are quite basic, the body details were very well done.
I dont remember ever seeing a white 70 Charger or GTX. Ive seen a white 1970 Challenger many many years ago. Was told it was a test shot. But never verified that info.

Even though the White 69 GTXs are fairly common. I've had a few of them, including a Rose Bowl parade version.
All long gone now though and the Only one I've kept is a bright blue 1969 GTX
I'm thinking you need to add a page for the reproduction Memory Lane promos that were never offered back in the day. Like the 68 and 70 Coronet RT convertibles and Demon. And while offered by MPC back in the day, you don't include the 69 Coronet RT convertible promo on your site. X-El Products put several of JoHan's promos back into production for several years, including the 68 Chrysler 300 convertible and hardtop, the Chrysler Turbine car, the 68 Imperial, and the 69 AMX. That re-issued AMX promo would also fit in with your collection.

coronet promo 68.jpg

coronet promo 69.jpg

coronet promo 70.jpg

demon promo.jpg

amx promo.jpg
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