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MSN "Hemi" Article Pictures 426 Wedge!

The only thing MSN knows about Hemi engines is that they believe they should all be destroyed! They were jumping for joy when it was announced that 2023 would be the last year of production for Hemi engines!
Just stupid people putting out stupid stuff. SOS
I think this type of BS comes from students doing projects in english class. Then it shows up on the internet and the uninformed take it as fact.
Read the comments!
I think that's a wedge in the first photo, not a hemi. And in the article is a queer quote: "The street hemi featured a gentler timing chain".

Here's What Makes The Mopar 426 Hemi Engine So Special
Whatever they copied that from probably used the phrase “ street Hemi had a milder cam.” They must have know what a timing chain was from the time their Nissan needed one, but not what a cam Is. And “gentler” sounded more personal than “milder”.
Just like Abraham Lincoln said. "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet!". ( . ..to borrow from another member's quote)
I'm surprised it didn't say Tom Petty instead of Richard Petty.:lol:
for MSN, (photo is a Superstock 426cid Max Wedge)
like normal, ill-informed & undereducated, misinformation
& tidbits of the truth sprinkled in
Gen 2 426cid Hemi, such an Iconic engine
to be demoted down to 2 paragraphs of fluff
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