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my 15 min of fame


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Oct 12, 2011
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digging around on the internet and found these mag article's i was in. i don't have the same career now (made a change about 8 years ago), but i definitely miss it. every once and a while i think about buying some equipment to do some side work. but, with the way our government and epa are going i think it would be a investment that would be hard to re-coup from. still build motors for friends, just hard to find someone to do the machine work with the same standard i would do for myself.

im the guy in the pictures



i also did all the short block machining on this one, the guy who took the engine to the test makes it sound like it was mostly him. not the case, it was a brain child of about 5 people all contributing a huge amount to that project. in fact, John had screwed the motor up on the dyno the day before it was suppose to leave and myself and 2 other guys spent the whole night before it left rebuilding it and running it on the dyno. it actually had made more power and should have made a strong second place finish but, when it was ran at engine masters the tune up "we" had on it got reverted back to where "John" had thought it should be. some what of an ego issue.

how cool was that thanks :headbang:
More like 45 min. of fame...LOL
some pretty cool reading thanks for sharing,
it's nice to know who someone is behind the articles...

any more from the Mopar Builds/line up/Write ups ??
That would explain why that RoadRunner runs so good!
Did not know you were so famous ! Very cool ! Ron
any more from the Mopar Builds/line up/Write ups ??

naw, unfortunately if there was any mopar stuff in the shops i worked at it was usually mine.. lol i was working on a killer cnc program for the eddy rpm BB mopar heads when i quit Livernois in 2006. not sure what ever became of it. i'm sure no one else was going to champion the cause after i left. i wasn't really a head porter, some one else would do the R&D on a port then i would copy it on a digitizer and transfer it over to the cnc to cut it. my forte was the block machining and engine building along with about any other thing you needed made or machined. its kind of funny when i go somewhere and im labeled a mopar guy, i probably know more about building fords and chevys than i do the mopars....

actually i wish there would have been something on all the IHRA prostock stuff we used to do, working on a 814 CI big block ford that spits out 1650HP N/A was pretty cool. even if you are a mopar guy at heart.
Thanks for sharing this! Very cool it is! :) I wish i knew 1/2 as much as the less knowledgeable guy here with engines lol...