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My Mopar Buddies won't like these pictures of my new motor

Mike Gaines

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10:28 PM
Apr 17, 2014
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Ahwahnee, (Fresno) California
Sorry, it is a temporary thing...but it is a cool little car....Runs consistent mid 11's @112mph

IMG_1184.jpg IMG_1187.jpg IMG_1188.jpg IMG_1189.jpg IMG_1194.jpg IMG_1199.jpg IMG_1203.jpg IMG_1189 (1).jpg
Well look at that little thing!

I always liked the looks of Mavericks. Too bad Ford didn’t make a muscle car Out of it. They missed an opportunity there, but by 1970 new the end was Very close.
A FORD engine in a Ford?
I'm totally fine with that. Chevy engine in a Chevy? I'm fine with that too.
Yes, what CI size, and let’s see more pics of the car!
My 3rd car was going to be a Maverick.
It was 1984. I was back from my failed attempt in the Army and I wanted something different than my 76 Dart Sport. A buddy had a 72 Maverick Grabber in that blue color. I went to look at a 71 for sale that had a 302 and an automatic. I don't remember why I didn't buy it. I ended up getting a 73 Camaro.

I always liked the Mavericks too. A guy down the street had one on a trailer for about a year. It was all I could do not to pull in and make an offer on it. A friend of mine had a black and red 302/4-spd Mav. back in the day. Sweet looking buggy!
I noticed the small braided fuel line coming off of the fuel pressure regulator, I’m assuming it goes to a fuel pressure gauge. With all the close up pics of the carb I’m almost thinking you’re running a hidden nitrous system (I can’t see a microswitch).
What’s the steel braided line going to the drivers side timing cover?
Is that a Chrysler breather on the left valve cover? A Grand Rapids dealer sold a "Mod" Maverick back in the day. It had aftermarket wheels and tires and quite a rake.
One of my favorite Fords. The other is the 1966 Comet.
I'm kinda partial to the '64 Comet myself (one was actually our family car when I was wee small).
I don't have a problem with Fords in general; back in the late 70's when I was going through all
sorts of cars in high school and shortly thereafter, I always had some old worn 60's/early 70's
ride from GM or Ford.
As such, they all had a "feel" to them that was common across the line...
Fords drove and felt like Fords, Olds felt like Olds, etc.
The Fords struck me as dead reliable but very industrial/agricultural feeling, complete with a
certain "buckboard" ride and crude chassis engineering; their interiors, controls, switches all had
that sort of thing going on, too.
GM's had a much more refined ride and handling thing going on, but were sort of mushy/comfy.
Mopars felt like - well, torsion bar Mopars, a chassis and ride I've been quite fond of for decades.
Ford did make the Grabber, 302 powered Maverick! 440'
Awesome ! Love that car ! to me, it's kinda personal, especially that mustard color. Friend back in the day had one, he was our non-drinker driver, I could tell stories... only thing I don't like about this thread > not enough pics !
my wife drove one for a while she also had 70 gt torino with 351 cleveland and a stick, we used to buy cars out of the local impound for $300.00 I got a 70 440 coronet rt