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My new project


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Feb 12, 2014
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I’ll be restoring this 68 Gtx along with its original engine and transmission. Complete with the fender tag and build sheet. This is my dream car.

4DF56EE6-4FCA-4CC4-BD64-14F32FFABA1B.jpeg 2BD4815B-73F5-4832-8774-406B088C493D.jpeg 9AA48F25-675A-4205-AB9E-1A7CA2AC76EE.jpeg 88DB46B7-24E0-4526-ADBE-5F62F854C5C5.jpeg DA2F793A-1D17-4EB7-8366-414F76B47B5B.jpeg 156B256F-B938-4220-841E-D3573B21EAB2.jpeg 140D0EB8-A177-4F0C-A18A-87FCA29E340B.jpeg 4C46CE7F-E780-4F0C-9A78-F9291DBE426F.jpeg DD47E0F0-AF4A-4634-AA20-E8290A5D459F.jpeg F558E4EA-39F8-4A07-B223-7F815FD08DCE.jpeg
Nice project, good colours. I love GTX's. The quintessential muscle car.
Nice find, looks solid and pretty complete! 440'
I am also GTX lover. I had my '69 base model 383 RoadRunner and my '69 base model 440 GTX sitting side be side in my garage. And I can say with little hesitation that the GTX is a better car. Certainly base model to base model.

I have been in bitch sessions right here in B-bodies that RR is the same? But it's not. At lease not base to base. Yes, you can get RR with the good stuff by checking boxes back in the day of its factory build. I've even heard GTX being described as an upscale RR? GTX was made first! RR is a stripped down version of GTX!

MAKE NO MISTAKE. GTX is and very possibly the top of the line Plymouth ever built! You didn't need to check upgraded suspension. It came stock! Interior better. As I said. I had then side by side.

So in closing? Feel very good about your '68 GTX build decision!

Below are pics of said GTX and RR. The white RR I have sence sold.

30712.jpg RoadRunner front quarter.jpg
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Nice find and color combo. Numbers car with build sheet and fender tag, great.
Love the trunk trim. Plymouth had the best tails before '69. I prefer the 68 grille too.