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Name a movie they couldn't make today.

Birth of a Nation, as afore mentioned.

The film was controversial even before its release and has remained so ever since; it has been called "the most controversial film ever made in the United States"[12]: 198  and "the most reprehensibly racist film in Hollywood history".[13] Lincoln is portrayed positively, a friend of the South, atypical of a narrative that promotes the Lost Cause ideology. The film has been denounced for its racist depiction of African Americans.[8] The film portrays them (many of whom are played by white actors in blackface) as unintelligent and sexually aggressive toward white women. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is portrayed as a heroic force, necessary to preserve American values, protect white women, and maintain white supremacy.[14][15]

Name the Movie....here are 2 Clips
Almost any movie over 30 years old. The shaky camera is considered normal now I guess. Not much I can stand. I’ve seen 5 movies since Ice Station Zebra. I recommend Portrait in Black. These guys think they are Hitchcock. They are not Hitchcock.
My sister kind of looks like Michelle Pfeiffer. She's a bit older but she's always kept her weight down to around 100 pounds. I looked up her genealogy and MP is German/Dutch on her dad's side and German/Swiss Swedish on her mom's side. That's pretty much us. Dutch and Norwegian. So MP is 63. Lookin' pretty good still!
I doubt they could make the Disney movies produced before 1980 without major changes.
I doubt they could make the Disney movies produced before 1980 without major changes.

We watched Aladdin with the granddaughter a few weeks ago and they had a warning prefacing it saying that the depiction of characters might be offensive. It’s a friggin cartoon!!!!
Apollo 13.
The space program was full of white males. And it was successful.