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WTB need a n96 ramcharger fresh air box for my 1970 coronet rt

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Nov 7, 2022
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Hello there...i need a n96 ramcharger fresh air box for my 1970 coronet rt project. here in germany its impossible to find one. in the usa....year one and classic industries dont have it in stock. i found one in canada...but they dont ship to germany. does anybody know, where to get the reproduction of that n96 ramcharger fresh air box? i will be happy about every answer. thx and nice greetings from germany
I restore them and have 2 ready right now. Shipping is a major crap shoot here in the states, let alone to Germany. I can bubble wrap the hell out of the 3 pieces and have UPS box them but they are not very good about backing their insurance claims. Short of a wooden crate, which I've had trouble with in the past, the cost to you will be high. Not even sure what the cost will be. I'd say the crate idea would be the best way to go. The re-popped ones are total crap. All I ever hear about them is they don't fit for ****, and they all get sent back. There must be a warehouse full of the returned ones with all the stories I've heard.
My sets go for $850. Send me a PM and we can maybe figure this out. Thanks, Rod
Hello ...i need a n96 ramcharger fresh air box (3 piece) for my 1970 super bee, do you have any for sale? I apologize for the slow reply time in advance!
I don't have one available though I will be traveling to Germany in September and could potentially work something out to check it in baggage?
Flying into Hamburg then north to Luebeck for a couple of days before heading south to Adenau and then Frankfurt (work/ Nuerburgring & Oktoberfest). No idea what insurance, etc would cost for it though throwing it out there if could potentially help a fellow enthusiast out!
I have one ready now. Shipping to NC .... maybe around $145???? Can't remember what they went for in the past. Getting old. $850 plus the ride.
Here it is.

69 air grabber and 70 ram charger boxes 004.JPG

69 air grabber and 70 ram charger boxes 006.JPG
I want to purchase these, I am out of town for the next two weeks. Can we do business when I return on July 1?
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