Need assistance please 66 Charger wiring


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Sep 16, 2019
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Novi, Michigan
Hi all,
Thanks for taking the time to read.

i have a 66 Charger and am nearing the finish line for getting her all back together. I have been held up by “supply issues” I originally ordered my under dash harness through year one, after delays I ordered from classic industries, however after getting and returning an getting an returning again after some research I realized I should get the one through year one, since they are still telling me there is a shortage I’m in a new dilemma.

So now I’m thinking to just do a painless kit for now since I also have a blank dash insert so I can use different gauges as well, now my questions:
1. Has anyone done the swap from the original under dash harness to a painless, how difficult is it? Do you have to wire in for all the extra block fuses that were inside the dash along the way or does that kit replace them?
2. What do you do in place of the old bulkhead connection to connect the motor side harness?
3. What would be a good set of gauges that could fit into the blank dash insert that works well with the painless?
4. Is the painless kit able to handle the opera lighting an the console lighting and such? I have a new to the car brand new in 71 body harness that was still in bag and fresh so it has all the connectors on it.

I apologize I know for some, some of these questions are probably pretty basic just after all the other work I’ve put into the car I don’t want to screw up now, and debating do I wait and wait or just move forward with the painless. Any help and guidance would be appreciated.


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Apr 5, 2014
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Do Not Go Painless.

Find an original harness for sale. Some guys on here are parting out 66 Chargers. Do some looking around.

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Feb 22, 2013
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Just installed a Painless harness in my 68 Runner, pretty straight forward. Nice product. Easy instructions if you know how to read and have a basic understanding of how DC works, well labeled wires. I would avoid a used dried up harness unless you want to set your car on fire. The Painless kit for my 68 eliminated the bulkhead connector which is a known trouble spot.

My problems came with all the alterations I made for 165 amp Alt, electric water, fuel, fans, roll control, cut outs, relays, breakers, Dakota Digital gauges and fan control etc. Still easy to adjust to. Plenty of extra circuits to direct juice where you want it. No complaints with Painless here. Nice kit. I avoided the American Auto Wire kit because it came with a bunch of shit I didn't need at twice the cost.

If you want to upgrade and expand your wiring, go with Painless. If not, stick with a stock type harness and keep it simple as stated above but buy a new harness with modern wire.

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