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Need help! Weiand 6bbl intake does NOT fit under my 70 N96 hood. Options?


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Mar 28, 2014
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Please bear with me, I'm going into a lot of detail because I want you to know why I'm so determined to keep and use this intake, but I also really want the N96 setup on my 70 Roadrunner.
Ok, some of ya'll said that you didn't think the old school Weiand P3690982 6bbl intake would fit, a guy on Moparts in 2 separate posts assured me that he had a racing friend "way back when" with this intake, a 70 440 Roadrunner, and not only did it fit, he "trimmed the airbox" and had that under the hood as well.
Well...it does NOT fit, at all, not even just carburetors on the intake with no air cleaner would fit. The height of the center carb from base to choke horn is 4½" and I only have 3½" of air between the intake to carb base mating surface and the opening edge of the sheetmetal of my air door square hole in the hood. The available space gets worse (less) from there, but we can use 3½" as a starting point of available space. The other carbs are about 4" tall, but 4½" is the height I need, and then room for an air cleaner above and beyond that.
I am disappointed and bummed out, but I want to see what I can do about it.
Let me say that I really like the intake, I haven't tried it out running yet, but I have read every page of information about it the internet has to offer, emailed the guy whose unique mods are pictured in the article on this intake in the Victory Library site, and got a reply much to my happy surprise. I have spoken with forum members who run it, including one who has run it over 10 years. I've also emailed the guy whose pictures of his Weiand setup by F&B for their direct port injection 3x2 throttle body setup first set the hook in me that I just can't shake loose from. The consensus is that this intake, hands down, makes the most power of ANY 6bbl intake, ever, other than custom fabbed units some guy in Sweden is running. I love the way it looks, and polished, it is stunning jewelry. (I wouldn't run the spacers, but this is the only pic of this intake polished I can find) Chromed, or "chrome powder coat" are options too.

Here's the top on my car as I would run it, without the spacers:

I'm having a lot of parts and systems installed in my car starting June 10th, including a complete QA1 front suspension, w/the QA1 K-member. Let's say I would need at least 3½" additional space, is that possible with K-member spacers or is that crazy? I can see how much space I have between the oil pan and steering linkage if the K-member spacers aren't a ridiculous idea.
Otherwise the only option is to modify the hood, which I would entertain, but I need ideas. My first thought would be to raise the height of the "power bulge" keeping it the stock width, but having it rise higher than the slope and total height of stock. I would still want the airbox and hood scoop actuator. Another option is to do the same modification, but use an A12 fresh air base, top, and hood seal that I bought from a forum member.
The least appealing option but one I'd consider is to switch to the A12 six pack scoop.
So thanks for reading this, and let 'em rip.
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I hate to rain on your parade but it's not going to work. The std 6 bbl can be snug, there's no way that's fitting under a stock hood.
It doesn’t make any sense to go to these lengths to use that intake. You might get an inch out K-member spacers, but I would think it’s gonna take a fiberglass hood with a tall six pack scoop to get the rest. I don’t think a taller air grabber hood would look good at all. It’d resemble a chevy cowl hood.
I hate to say it, but I agree that this really won't work. There is only so much real estate under the hood. When I just installed my new engine (a 500 stroker based on a 400 block), I was able to use a taller manifold in conjunction with a air grabber base plate from a RB engine. This gave me some extra room.

You already have a RB engine, so there are no additional space you can gain from swapping air grabber base plates.

I'd say you have two reasonable choices: (a) put a fiberglass hood on the car or (b) get a different intake manifold that fits.

Good Luck,

Extra tall six pak scoops are available in glass. I have a standard on my wagon but, I don't know if the taller unit was available back when I installed mine. The taller scoop sure looks mean though.
I would think it’s gonna take a fiberglass hood with a tall six pack scoop to get the rest. I don’t think a taller air grabber hood would look good at all. It’d resemble a chevy cowl hood.
Ok, so an A12 style hood.
This w/70 "power bulge":

this 69 style (made for a 70):


Satin black
a guy on Moparts in 2 separate posts assured me that he had a racing friend "way back when" with this intake, a 70 440 Roadrunner, and not only did it fit, he "trimmed the airbox" and had that under the hood as well.

So 300 guys said it wouldn't fit and ONE guy said it would so you listened to him ...
Bio, if you are determined to use the weiand tunnel ram (cause that is essentially what it is) the only setup that i see working, and still looking a bit like mopar stock (as opposed to a bigass snorkel or cowl hood , even though the seventy runner is the only mopar that has a remnant of a cowl on it) will be a aftermarket sixpack. All matte black hood would look great on your yellow runner.
Next problem is height. Most, but not all aftermarket sixpack scoops are taller than the original. That is probably exactly what you will need. Then, there is location. On the purple 70 in the vid, the scoop is about three inches farther forward on the hood than it should be,(good visual at about 50 seconds in, on the vid) and it looks only a little taller than stock. 493Mikes scoop is considerably larger than stock. This is probably what you will need to make the weiand work, to get some airflow space above the carbs. I like the power bulge hood, it retains the 70s lines, but you might need the scoop to be taller. Notice, the scoop is mounted closer to the windshield than the purple 70s hood, closer to the stock 69 location.
I think 33 IMP hit the nail on the head. I also prefer the power bulge hood, but as he says, you better do quite a bit of measuring to make sure it all fits.

If money is no object, Glasstek will make you a custom fiberglass hood but you’d have to be very accurate with your measurements.
when running tunnel rams, u have very few choices between under the hood or out thru the hood. sometimes u have to find a middle ground on what works for u,,,,i did. those air cleaners would not fit under the cowl. i have 2 hoods, i will be switching back and forth this summer between scoop and no scoop.
Stage, i love your car, scoop or not. I have NO problem with a cowl hood on a mopar. (I just make believe its a taller 70 rr hood). The wheels and tires are perfect. Tho, if it were mine, it wouldnt be black, thats my own prejudice.
Hey guys, thanks a LOT for the helpful replies.
I love the 70 N96 Air Grabber "tiger teeth" scoop, and my V-code is not an original N96 car, but I LOVE the FUNCTION and LOOK of the 70 Air Grabber.
I think the best way to get an acceptable appearance (I absolutely care about what my car looks like) and not having to create something that would cost a fortune is to go with a A12 style scoop.
I’d stash the OE air grabber and go with a glass hood.
Definitely! I sold the non-N96 hood on my car when I got the AMD N96 paint matched. I'm not going to sell the N96 hood I have now. It will be available for me or the next owner when I die to do what they will with it.
Before I buy a "heavy duty", factory hardware compatible hood with a "6 pack" scoop, I want to run the Weiand, but it would really have to disappoint me badly for me to abandon it. The F&B 3x2 EFI DPI setup would be the ultimate solution, even if my Promax modded Holley carbs work great, and while I could use a ModMan intake w/the F&B setup, it's an ugly silver shoebox.
I have NO problem with a cowl hood on a mopar. (I just make believe its a taller 70 rr hood).
If I could find a tall cowl hood of the required height that resembles the power bulge on the 70, with a flat top vs some peak line down the middle, I could incorporate a N96 type Air Grabber door and maybe use the A12 fresh air setup or a hybrid air box?
I don't see why that couldn't work, but you will need to be absolutely sure you will have enough room. I think the 4 3/4 would look best, I just don't know if it's tall enough. Time to do some measuring, and don't forget to add some room for an air cleaner!
Here's what I'm thinking, and my automatic excitement about the concept means, to me, that I'm on to something that I would like.
A flat cowl hood, similar to a "tall power bulge, 70 style" hood. I just called to get the width of the cowl to see if the oval air cleaner will fit, and if I can afford to get it and they can make it in "natural" black carbon fiber, and the cowl is flat on top, no peak, I could put an Air Grabber door in it.
Otherwise satin black finished 'glass will have to do.
To me, THAT would be perfect!