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Need some electrical help....


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Mar 16, 2011
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Posting for a friend:

1965 Satellite, 360, automatic.

While driving home from a show car just quit. Has no power anywhere, just before it stopped running there was a small smell of smoke.

No headlights no parking lights no interior lights no ignition.

Battery is fully charged, car will turn over if you jump the relay. Doesn't seem to be a fuseable link in the system.

Bypassed the amp meter and connected the wires together....no change.

He's several miles from me so I'm only able to help him by text and phone.

Sounds like the fusible link may have went up in smoke. If so maybe have a shorted diode or diodes in your alternator as the possible cause.
if no fusible link, the wire that goes to ammeter from starter relay may be bad... that's where I'd start.. check voltage at the relay, then at the bulkhead connector
how did you test the fusable link?
if the link is good, there should be power at the ammeter, if not the wires and bulkhead connection between the fusable link and ammeter.
Pull the bulkhead connectors off and look to see if anything is melted.
I agree with others above who have stated to check fusible link and wires through ammeter gauge. Something major went since you have no power at all, including interior lights. Get a test light and start testing wires for power starting from the battery and move towards fusible link and then under the dash.