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Need some help with ID'ing console conversion parts


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Jun 30, 2020
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I bought all this stuff in 2020 in a couple different lots and got overlapping parts in order to get 1 full set of all brackets, shifter, and linkage to convert my 72 RR clone to console shift. I had never noticed the 2 different down tube positions, one right by the shifter 1 way up front. Is one of these E body and the other B body?


The one with the "tube" away from the shifter is E body but I don't know if that was also used in 71+ B bodies or not.
Here is a picture of my '74 with console in place. The down shaft is quite away forward from the shifter.

Center Console IN 1.JPG
And the boss in my floor for the down tube is way forward as well. But what is this other shifter from?
My 74 Charger gets the large assembly.

But I allways have thought B and E bodies are exactly the same assembly… even the same front floor pans!

Dunno where it comes from the short assembly. Definitely not from E or B bodies. That short assembly would meet the console center attachment bracket, and console is the same for both too.
Do you have any photos with bucket seats holes? Looks like you were converting a bench car as well?
Sorry, no photos for Buckets. Yes I did convert from bench seat and to be honest I don't remember how I determined hole locations.
I've been looking at photos of late B, F, J body stuff and nothing has this short assembly. It's very similar to the 66-70 b setup
70-4 B and E look like your first picture as far as linkage goes... The second photo could be a modified 66-70 B-body console shifter bracket with a slap stick shifter on it??? I say that because 66-70 B-body look like this photo..

Ya my friends and I have been wondering whether someone did exactly that, put the slap on 66-70. I didn't have quick access to that style to look, thanks!
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