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Neighbor complains about my car.


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Jul 19, 2008
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Last Thursday I took my car to work and stayed after work to rebuild my rear wheel cylinders. I left the shop about 8 pm and stopped to get gas. When I got home I had the car running in my garage. I see my neighbor walk in the garage and he ask's me how long I will be as I am keeping his family awake. :confused: I looked at my cell phone and it was 8:30 pm. I just said I will be a few minutes as when I finish adjusting the carb I will be done. I get along fine with him but he is a little strange as he has thrown some comments around about my son and I taking our cars out on the weekend nights. I told him tuff crap as I have lived here for 16 years and no one has ever complained and he has lived there about 2 years. So I made sure I took my car out Saturday night and came home after 10 pm Saturday night. :grin: I also had my car out of the garage in the driveway Friday night waxing it and I fired it up about 9 pm to put it back in the garage. I am always very careful about not running our cars long or very late. And when we come home late we pull right in and shut them right off. He got a bug up his butt last Oct when we left about 8 am on a Saturday to go racing and he will have to get over it again this year as we plan to go racing again on a Saturday and leave early in the morning. :yes: Ron

Sucks to be him, I dont know how your state is but in CT and cant do anything about noise from 7am till 10pm.

I wouldnt let it bother you, Ive had neighbors that were like that also. Came to complain about my car ay 2 in the afternoon on a Sunday. Said his wife was sick. Next day the wife cam over to say sorry, She said her husband has been sick. I hate liars.
No matter what you do there is always going to be someone thats pissed about something. He'll get over it. If not too bad.Sounds like you've been pretty considerate to me thats all you can do.Does he expect you to sell your car because it bothers him?
I have a pretty cool neighbor but one day I was tuning my carb around 11.00 am Saturday morning looked over my shoulder there he was just glaring at me didnt say anything I knew he was pissed. :tongueflap:He's smart enough though to not start a war.
Ron don't you have cut outs on your exhaust? If so give him something to justify his complaining.:grin:
Your '63 looks like a street car. Are the mufflers hooked up when you work on it? Or are they open and load it on a trailer?
When I still had my race car my neighbors were pretty cool. I had made some slip on mufflers that went over the collector extensions when I ran it or loaded it on the trailer. It was still pretty throaty and I would use common sense and consideration running it.
Some people just aren't happy unless they are being a dick. I really think they are jealous when others are doing what they enjoy in life because they aren't.
Good luck

RON! PM me your address and I'll come over for a muffler change out and a open pipe test with a copy of the law in my hand for him. Me and the Legend can make a out of the way pit stop. I'm sure he'll be game.

Here on the Island, I'm not sure at what time you can start making a racket, but by 10:00 pm, it's a wrap IIRC.

In all seriousness, a little cooth and curtesy about anything can go along way. It's a two way street. A loud bike/car or a party I can live with for a night. Constant hammering of the car with street long burnouts night after night is a bit over the top and someting even some of the most careless nut cases I know don't do.

This guy needs to be put in his place.

Plan with care...........
He probably drives a hybred. Just sneak into his garage at night and syphon the gas out of it and when his battery runs low and switches to gas he'll REALLY have something to bitch about.
Yes my 63 is a street car I drive everywhere including to the track. I dont even own a trailer. I dont have cutouts as I have 3" exh with Dyno-Max Ultra-Flow mufflers. I always run it thru the pipes and I race it thru the exh. In fact I have never uncapped it. My old neighbor was so cool as he wanted me to do burnouts but I never have as I dont want to piss off the other neighbors. I have kept my cool but he will have to get over it as I feel I am very considerate with my car. I could start it up at 6:30 am and rev it up like crazy like the neighbor down the street does with his 15 second Camaro. :grin: Ron
Some days ago i come back from a little tour and parked at the basement garage.
A neighboor, she is around 50 years, says: "Your car is sweet, but it smells dangerous!?" (exhaust gas)
I said: "My car didnt run with water."
Some days ago i come back from a little tour and parked at the basement garage.
A neighboor, she is around 50 years, says: "Your car is sweet, but it smells dangerous!?" (exhaust gas)
I said: "My car didnt run with water."
I'll give her some dangerous exhaust.:grin:

I once live right next door to a guy who drove a Harley daily with shorty pipes. I lived through it. :yes:
Ron, Sounds like time to switch those noisy Ultra Flows for some nice bullets for a week or two. Bet after you switch back he'll stop complaining.
I once live right next door to a guy who drove a Harley daily with shorty pipes. I lived through it. :yes:

I own a HD and the only thing I don't like about some others are the totally obnoxious loud pipes and screeeeaming revs some clown do. I ask'em whats wrong with the choke cable. :rolling:
Hey, if your doing your best be courteous to your neighbors when its late and your not revving your engine up to 5k at 11 PM, thats all you can do, and thats a good jseture on your part. Ive had plenty of loud Harleys and cars and ive tried to keep the noise down, but I pay alot of taxes and work mad hours to keep this house on Long Island, so if someone has a problem with me driving my car, I must respectfully say too F*@king bad!!! a little engine noise here and there ANYONE can handle,tell him to give you a break!!!!
Well,send him some fruit and invite him to the dragstrip with you,youd be surprised at the change you will see,i used to run stock cars but kept it to a minimum,one neighbor called the po po about it at like 7:30,a few days later I saw him and went over to talk to him,he was wierd at first,but I invited him to go watch and he was a changed neighbor,he never did go but has been kewl ever since and has made several nice comments about my cars(collection of junk)got to hear some back in the day stories Lol
I like WAGGIN'S idea; remember the old adage about catching more flies with honey...

This thread makes me feel very fortunate. The smallest lots on our street are about an acre and a quarter in size so no one is too close together and noise issues never arise - with the parties that one neighbor's son hosts when his mom is away aside - but hey, you gotta expect that! To the north of us my next door neighbor has a '37 Chevy P/U and a '68 Camaro. To the south of us my next door neighbor has a '66 Mustang vert and an old Jeep. Across the street they have Harleys and you can set your watch by them on Sunday mornings because they ride with their club EVERY week. When we fired off the new 340 in my '74 Duster for the very first time a couple of years ago (uncapped I might add) and did the break-in on the cam at about 10:30 PM on a Saturday they all showed up within a few minutes because they knew something good was up; not because we were disturbing them. No hassles whatsoever.

just keep doing what you have been and ignore the idiot.
nothing pisses them off more then that...
some people are never happy no matter what you do.
life is too short to give a crap about those types..
Man, we've got a garbage truck that goes by our window every Saturday morning at 4AM.......!!!!!!!

You'd have to be running OPEN HEADERS to compete with that thing!!!

We survive.........We get along..........It's your neighbors problem, as long as you're being respectful about it all, and it sounds like you have been.

There are guys who don't care at all about their neighbors........doesn't sound to me like you're one of them. Just keep living your life as-is, and deal with him on a need-to basis.
a solid majority would vote to outlaw our cars..........and we all know which way they vote
I use to have one that would sit and rev his old

toyota every morning at 7 30 warming it up....i work til 4-5 am and it would wake me right when i got to sleep . sooooooo every morning on the way home from work i would give them a wake up call with my 96 heritage nastalga as i pulled in to the drive way...lol after about a month of that the rev n quit ...go figure