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New compressor!!


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Oct 30, 2012
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Pretty excited to have a really nice compressor for once!

Years ago my dad came across a deal at Lowes and snatched up 2 compressors for the price of one and we've been running them every since. They were 80 gallon units that put out 17 cfm, not horrible machines, lasted a bit but man were they obnoxious!! 3,450 rpm motors, always leaked oil, vibrated like crazy and only had a pipe looping behind the fan to cool the charge so they weren't anything special.

After literally blowing up a pump I came across this compressor as a replacement, what a huge improvement!! So quiet, you can rest your hand on it and feel nothing, no vibration.. 12 hours and no sign of oil anywhere! You can grab the discharge piping and it's pretty darn warm then grab the piping after the cooler and it's room temperature.. should make a huge difference!

Congratulations!! Is that 80 gallon or 100? That's an impressive motor, 7.5HP?
Best of luck with it.
Dang! Nice Champion! You won't ever need to replace that one. One of the best units out there.
Congratulations!! Is that 80 gallon or 100? That's an impressive motor, 7.5HP?
Best of luck with it.
120 gallons, yes 7.5. He said you can push the cfm up to around 60 by putting a 10 hp motor on it and speeding it up. That's the upstairs of my garage, that's an 8' ceiling just to give you an idea of how big it is.
Kinda learned that when I was compressor shopping. Two compressors putting out the same CFM, same size tank, $500 bucks difference in price. What gives. You can take a smaller pump and drive the crap out it with a higher RPM motor or larger pump driven by less rpms to put out the same CFM. Enjoy your 'new" much quieter, smoother compressor , a move up for sure.