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New guy from Louisiana


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Oct 31, 2021
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Church Point La. (Lewisburg)
Howdy folks. New here to post but been following in the background for a while. We just brought home a 74 Charger that was built for 1/4 mile racing. It was run only a couple of times. We were told the car was running and driving when it was parked 2 years ago. No start now so I'm figuring rodents are the culprit. It was dark when we got home so I really haven't had a chance to look at anything in depth. The information on the car came from the guy we bought it from who only had it for 6 months or so. He said that's what he was told when he bought it. Soooo.... anyway I've tried 8-10 vin decoding sights and come up with nothing. Can I get a little help? My wife and 20 year old son have been General Lee FANS for 15+ years and we want to build a street rod that might see the track now and then. And of course it will eventually end up orange. That sh*tty green under the hood will not be that color by the end of the day!!

74 Charger door vin.JPG 74 dash vin.JPG 74 charger side view..JPG 74 charger engine.JPG
Welcome from Tx. That fifth didgit G tells it' s a 318 originally. Post a picofthe fender tag, and I'm sure someone will translate all the details.
I've had a few 73-4 B's great road cars.
Fender Tag

Don't know where they are on a '74, but the one on my 66 is on the top on the inner
left fender
Welcome from Upstate New York. A plethora of knowledge here on FBBO. Not me, but so many others. Racing with AC? Interesting. Good luck with the build.
Welcome from Alabama, doesn't look to be completely race ready. They didn't eliminate that 50 pound chuck of metal on top of the engine. :)