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New member from NY


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Feb 19, 2023
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Staten Island, NY
Hi All. Just getting back into my Mopars after 30 years. I primarily have 70-71 Challengers and E-body parts. But I also have some rare B-body parts which I will be posting once I complete my inventory. Looking forward to connecting with other Mopar enthusiasts.
Welcome from Alabama, we need a better picture, other than that little avatar one.
Welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras
I'm just getting started back up for about a year or so now after sitting down for about the same amount of time as you. I may be hitting you up for some parts -- beast! I once lived in NY for about 20 years or so. Today however you're being welcomed to the forum from Maryland. Welcome!
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Welcome from the left coast. Miss my e-body. It got turned into rebar due to a fire we had to evacuate for.

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Welcome, from western NY about 350 miles NW of you!
Thanks for reaching out. Two projects that I will be getting back to after a few decades. The garages are full of parts from when I used to deal Mopar parts back in the late 1980s. I attended this past Carlisle event and it was great to see a lot of friends from 30 years ago. Excited about getting back into it.
Welcome from the left coast. Miss my e-body. It got turned into rebar due to a fire we had to evacuate for.

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Ckessel...Nice car!!!! I know this is a B-body forum, but my dream car is an N94 Challenger. I bought an N94 hemi air cleaner base from Ben Snobar about 30 years ago hoping to find a car for it, or build one around it. Maybe now is the time.
My car was a Western Sport Special, nothing real special. At least to me. Added the T/A hood, 360 w 6bbl, put a/c back in, rear spoiler, Disc O Tech package, Kit Car bars/springs, shot it Sublime. My plate said SUDOTA. Fake trans am.
Welcome from NJ.
Being from NJ, I know that Staten Islanders have a reputation and may not like New Jerseyans, but did you have to disagree with my Welcome post?