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New PG classic dash pad


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Oct 15, 2022
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I have been waiting on buying a dash pad for my 66 Charger because of the past issues discussed here. I figured I would get it now because who knows a few years from now if one would be available.

New dash pad doesn't fit...

Decided to buy about 10 days ago, just got here yesterday (pretty damn fast). I have the citron interior so the pad is green. To best check it I pulled the old one of the car.


Set them up side by side and the color is a really good match, very happy with that. The pictures do show the original a little darker but it didn't appear that way looking at them. The grain is very close too.




Here is where the big issue was from before. It is slightly shorter at the 2 lower studs. I will have to elongate the holes slightly but I think it will work. Both sides are about the same, about 1/4" short. I did try to push it out and it moved a little so possibly it will go in as is, I am not going to get that far now just wanted to see if I needed to return it. The original one was pretty snug in there itself. The top studs all lined up, I think I will enlarge those 2 outer holes no matter what, it is just too tight because you have to set the top ones in then pull down to get the bottom ones in.

I did check with just dashes and with shipping it was going to be close to $1500. I paid $480 to my door. For a daily driver this will work just fine, if I was going to restore a hemi show car probably would look at a different route.


Put the pad in the sun or near water heater/furnace. Maybe gain 3/32"??
Good review, looks to be well worth the cash.
Damn, you bought it too soon, they’re having a 25% off sale. You should call them to see if you can qualify for the sale price since it was so close.

From PG Classic
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PW and AC.

Cruisin in style!
Do they have Coronet/Belvedere or just Charger?
I had the exact same issue with my PG Classic dash pad that I recently(ish) installed. Had to elongate the two lower holes. It is a nice part overall and I am satisfied with it, especially for the price. Just wish they would move those two lower studs a bit haha.
Friend of mine bought a repop pad for this car. it would not fit and still look ok.
it was going to take some serious work to snug it down on the ends . But if you did get it bolted down the ends had some major wrinkles in it.
He sent it back and painted an nos gold pad he already had

I have wanted to buy a red pad to put away for my car. But these fits issues keep me from it . And I dont have a used dash frame to test fit one

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