New tanks inc sending unit not working properly???


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Feb 7, 2021
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Lynnwood WA
74 Charger with 400 b motor and sniper efi. Recently installed tanks inc complete fuel tank w/pump and all fuel feed and return lines using an6 fittings so no leaks. During this process I verified ohm readings on the new sending unit when I plumbed and wired the tank. Everything looked good. Installed and filled about half full and rechecked ohms and it was in 30 ohms range, seems good.

Installed efi and initial fire up was good, verified 5 volt reference at the original tank sending unit wire and nothing at the gauge. Pulled my hair out and got an aftermarket gauge with the 73/10 ohms and it goes straight to the full mark as if the sending unit is grounded out.
Has anyone else here had a similar issue with this particular unit????

Looking inside the tank the sender is mounted facing into the tank on an extension that looks like it’s held in with the pump module mount . I have not contacted tanks inc yet but maybe I will and see what they say.

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