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Newby from Ohio

Also, which would be the best section on here to ask about the the flo pro set up? Fuel and air I assume or electrical and ignition?
Hello everyone, just joined the site hoping to get some ideas for my dads 68 coronet. I’ve always been into cars but no real hands on experience with any older Mopars. I’m 36 and the only mopar experience I have is from my 2 12 valve rams. I’m by no means a professional mechanic but my brother does it full time and has his own shop so I go there after work in the evenings and help him out. I’ll work on my own stuff no problem. Most of my hot rod/muscle car experience is just run of the mill small block Chevy stuff. My dads had a 10+ Year project with his 68 coronet and being in his 70’s with a bad back he’s all but given up on it. It’s currently inside my brothers shop and it’s becoming a storage unit and working around it is getting annoying. I told my dad I’ll do all the crawling around under the dash and lifting so we can do the wiring for it but he’s just got such a defeated attitude. It was original when he bought it and had it shipped from Oregon here to Ohio. The original drive train is gone. Brand new dana 60 with 3.73’s brand new 727 (someone out of Indiana built it but is now retired) and he bought a 1969 Hi po stamped 440 6 pack engine. Again this is all over 10 years ago. Engine is completely rebuilt but like an idiot he sold the 6 pack intake and 2 barrels after all of the LS pipe dream guys told him to put fuel injection on it. I don’t know any specs on the motor but I can get them since we’ve been spending more time together at the shop in the evenings. He’s using the edelbrock pro Flo 4 fuel injection on it. So I’ll be poking around in the different sections of the forum trying to find some fuel injection related topics.
Welcome to FBBO.
A great place to learn and connect.
Six to go, moving your area this summer. Another mopar coming down to fla
Come on down!!
Would love to have someone to go rumble around the hood with. Extremely quiet down here.
Big retirement community here so everywhere I go people in their 60s and older are happy to come up and see the car. It reminds them of their youth.