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Nitrous question


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Jun 19, 2014
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My 440 is a 1976 low compression one. Cast piston 40,000 sound engine.
Small comp hyd cam , pertronix ignition 35,36 total timing all in at 2,600 performer intake
Thermo quad 800cfm , headers.
Napa OEM style fuel pump.
My question is can I spray 100 or 125 into this engine with a fuel pump upgrade and nothing else changed, timing ect.
I have zero detonation issues do to the low compression, I have always wanted to try a little nitrous but didn't want to bust a piston ect.
Your cast pistons won't last very long! Forged pistons are dense and can handle the heat generated
by Nitrous. Cast pistons are like swiss cheese and can't shed the heat and the top collapses. When the
top collapses, the charge goes into the bottom end and when the plug fires it blows the pan off.
(Ask me how I know that!) Your motor might take a few squirts, but that's about it. Just when you
start to have fun, BOOM!
I think with the right tune you could get by with 100. That is providing you don’t spray everyday :D
Thanks guys, I better just hold off until I buy some pistons, that engine needs a set with a better pin height anyway.
Thank you
Hot Rod tried to blow up an old tired 318 with nitrous. I think it took a 300-325 shot before they melted a piston. If they had run more fuel, that probably wouldn't have happened either. The rest of the engine was unharmed.
As long as the ring gap isnt right down at the minimum. Back the timing a few degrees. I'd hit it with a 100 shot all day.