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Noise coming from the rear of car.


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FBBO Gold Member
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9:59 PM
Jun 1, 2020
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Lake Wales Fl.
Ok I left the stop sign and did a burn out while making a left-hand turn. It was a good burn out. Now I have a vibration noise coming from the rear of the car. Feel it in the seat. Have not checked it yet but thinking U joint or maybe a wheel bearing problem. Have green axel bearings. Have heard stories on them they don't like side to side stress. Will get out the jack and start with drive shaft U joints. Hope it is one of those. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I do have the standard 8 3/4 rear end. It was rebuilt with new ring and pinion with carrier bearings. So don't figure it is the rear end.
Sure grip or peg leg ? Peg leg you may have smoked a spider gear during a turn.Not likely but possible.
The only time I had Green bearing failure was a used rear that the guy autocrossed allot with.
You will know when you jack it up. Wish you the best.
Maybe you just knocked off one of the tire balance lead weights???
Tire tread is separating or belt has shifted?
Mother-in-law in the back seat? :poke:
Well all good info and going to check it out today. Thanks for the input. Just about all the things I was thinking. Still belive it will end up being a U joint on drive shaft. But I have been wrong before. Thanks all. Blue.
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