FOR SALE Nos dual point prestolite cap

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    Nov 20, 2009
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    Have a nos dual point tan distributor cap for a prestolite distributor. Non vented springy electrode for rotor brass terminals in the box straight from 1982. Correct for 6 pal and hemi cars not a Napa cap this is the real deal. $200 plus the ride

    A60C411B-6C8A-4D76-B2CE-C063A6A9BC73.jpeg 0E5DF94E-5BC7-406E-9729-A1CBE5F8B516.jpeg 8B70CD64-74FD-4C1B-94F3-A67B818823C3.jpeg 1FB163C2-018F-49A9-9238-5FD6515F5749.jpeg 3B0C105A-48DD-4CE5-8D0E-26A9C71E7804.jpeg
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