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Now is my time


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Feb 7, 2022
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rotterdam ny
Hello my name is Keith. I currently own a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere 2 with a poly 318. Car is pretty much stock inside and out. I had owned multiple 65 satellites and belvederes in my younger days. I have always loved the roof line of these cars. About 12 years ago I purchased the car with intent to turn into nice street rod .Well as we all know sometimes life sends you in another direction. Money got tight ,car sat, time got tight, car sat. Helped put 2 incredible young men thru college and now my wife said it is my turn to dream. Will begin restoration in next couple of weeks . I joined the forum to gain some insight about others experience with their projects and hopefully get answers to future questions I know I will have. Thanks Keith
Welcome to the site from Western NY Keith, I’m sure you will find all the info you need, lots of great people here to help you!
Yup! Do it while you still can!
Keith, Welcome.
I went through the exact same thing as you. Bought my '66 Belvedere in 1989 while living on Siesta Key. Drove it for a year and then parked it as life got in the way. Moved back to Guilderland and sent both my kids through private schools, public schools in the Capital District are somewhat lacking. Later, my son and money went to RPI. A couple years ago my wife said it was time for me to think of myself and build the Belvedere.
I applaud you, and everyone else here who believe that their families come before their own wants or desires. I'm sure you're a wonderful husband and father.
I am a short distance away so if you need any help please don't hesitate to reach out. Especially if you plan to build that POLY.

66 Belvedere.jpg
Welcome aboard from Illinois Keith!! I agree, the '65 B-Body hardtop roofline is "tops". You've come to the right place to get correct answers to your questions as well as help in sourcing any parts you might need. Best to you!!!
Welcome from Alabama, looks like you have a fine start for your build/restoration.
Welcome to FBBO from Ontario, Keith. As others have already said, there is a lot of knowledge and help here. it looks like a good car in the picture. 1965 Belvedere's and Coronet's were never marketed up here in Canada, so they are an uncommon sight up here at shows.
Another Welcome from WNY, and you have a Great Car to get on board with !
Welcome from Virginia Keith! Glad its your turn! Nice project!
:welcome: Early "B's" my favorite. Looking forward to reading all about it !
Welcome from Michigan the Motor City! Nice early B you have there, nice when you're wife has your back on a project also. Lotsa knowledge here, these guys know there stuff. 440'
Welcome to "Not the Cheapest Hobby" and have fun! Looks like you have a solid car so you may not have to strip her down like I did.
Welcome from sunny AZ! So many of us have fallen into the same track as you. The problem is that the mind says snatch that engine get under the car fix that cross member etc but the body says do what? It gets harder and harder so get her done lol