FOR SALE OE x 1972/1973 Dual Snorkel Air Cleaner Assembly

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    As removed, unmolested, survivor air cleaner assembly for a 1972/1973 x 400-4 barrel. Two model years only, OE correct, hard to find assembly. Will need to be prepped and repainted. Carb mounting hole is 5.030" diameter.

    Absolutely DENT FREE. Vacuum tested it and the passenger side vacuum flapper works, the drivers side does not. Other than that it is flawless. Even includes the correct original attachment stud and a wing nut (that I don't think is correct, but could be for '72/'73 as I'm only "versed" in '68 /69 /70 for OE correct)

    I bought this in 1990 when in a hurry to get to a car show, but sourced my correct '70 cleaner before I needed it... so thankfully I never hit this one with black paint. So this cleaner has been on my shelf for 29 years and I'll never be owning a '72/'73 that I can see, so I'm letting it go after all these years to someone correctly restoring their '72/'73. $350CDN ($265US) or Best Serious offer + postage to destination. Shipping from L9M2C1 aircleaners 017.JPG aircleaners 011.JPG aircleaners 012.JPG aircleaners 010.JPG aircleaners 008.JPG
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    Beautiful! Good price to IMHO
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