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Oil capacity 440


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Sep 29, 2022
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On doing a search I have found many threads on oil capacity in a 440 with stock pan...the conclusion that i came to was that 6 quarts with filter was the capacity needed...but then in the 67 Plymouth Service Manual it states 4 quarts for the engine (then I assume 1 quart for the filter totals 5 quarts) I don't want to starve the engine of oil but also don't want to soak the crank...

Any conclusions that I am missing

Thanks in advance
You sure you have the stock dipstick as well?
Well you can bet your *** it takes at least 5 So put that in and check to see if its up to the mark on the stick. If not then add one. Also make sure if you are running a flat tappet cam to add zddp..
5 total was stock until the 1970 440 HP and 6bbl then it was 6 total.

look under you car, the oil pan should have a large 402 stamped on the bottom rear, not the sump.
It all depends on which oil pan you have. Most passenger cars will have a pan that takes 5 quarts with the filter. Hemi's & some 440's had pans that used 6 quarts with the filter. A 402 pan is 5 quarts with the filter.
Very unlikely to "soak the crank" Use a windage tray and keep the oil pick-up on the bottom of whatever size pan you use.
Like a swimming pool. It has a deep end and a shallow end but the top is the same level.