Oil in the blood: How my grandson became a car nut

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      Great thread.
      its nice when your children follow in your love of cars. If they don't thats ok also, more important they turn out to be productive, educated and gainfully employed.
      When I was much younger there was a "kid" from the neighborhood who had a mid fifties GM pickup with a big block. It needed a lot of work and was over the kids ability's. He was getting ready to go to college and told me he wanted to go on to law school. He also did like that old pick up though.
      I told him go to college, study hard and get into law school. At some point you'll be able to afford and get back into cars.
      The years went by and he became a successful attorney. I ran into him a few years back and he was married with children. He remembered me and guess what? He owned a classic car and spent whatever time he had working and driving it.
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