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Oil Pan and Pickup


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Aug 8, 2022
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Ok, here's the situation... I have a 400 cold weather block in a 67 Coronet. Somewhere along the build I came across a 971 pan and pickup. After finding out it's beyond repair (it pisses oil like you just drank a 12 pack of nips) I gottta replace it. It's got a curved pickup so to remove while engine still in car, I gotta cut it out. Pulling engine is not not an option for me.. Question is:

1) Since 971 pans are made of unobtatium or impossible to find, would the 971 pickup work with a 402 pan? I've heard yes and no. I have access to one, just waiting for it to get preppped and shipped. I am just exploring all options

2) Will a 6 qt Hemi pan fit a 67 B motor in a SB K-frame?

3) will the straight oil pickup screw in without out pulling the motor? I know K-frame interference can be an issue.

I've asked a company that that starts with"M" that ells the repopped 6qt pans and pickups about this, but all I've heard is crickets and phone music. I've looked at the Summit ones, but based on doing it for a friend, I wasn't real happy with quality...

Thanks for any help...
#2. You have a V8 K frame. No small block K frames that I know of, just different mounts between small and big blocks.
Whether or not the pickup can be installed with the engine in the car, I don't know. Never tried.
Yes the 6bbl pan fits that SB k member, it’s the same as a BB. The pickup should screw on in the car.
Drop the center link. Your pan should come off ok.