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Oil pressure gauge options


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Jan 5, 2023
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Hermosa Beach CA

The oil pressure gauge on my '66 Charger is not working, along with all the other gauges (expect the AMP meter). Could be broken, disconnected, etc.

I would like to know oil pressure so I am looking for a easy temporary solution. I can add a mechanical or electrical gauge, but am not sure where either can be connected. The car has a 1979(?) 440. Can I get some direction on where a mechanical gauge could be connected? Also where would the factory electrical sender be?

you should be able to add a mechanical gauge,look at were the factory sending unit is on the back of block. There should be another port on the other side.. unplug the plug and hook up there.
That is what I did - factory sender on one side and an oil pressure gage line to an under dash gage in the other port. I know someone who put a “T” on the factory side and hooked up the factory sender and a line to an under dash gage.
If ALL gauges do not work, look at the "Voltage Limiter" that should be plugged into the back of the instrument panel. The Amp gauge does not get power from the voltage limiter, but rather straight from the alternator.
Sweet. Found the original sender and the blocking bolt. I have purchased a mechanical gauge and will use it until I get to the instruments.
It could be as simple as the newer engine has the wrong sender to work the gauge. If it has the small sender, this is used to work an idiot light. The taller sender works a real oil gauge.
I prefer mechanical oil pressure gauge they are generally more accurate, and definitely better than stock. Biggest risk is tube failure and resulting spindletop oil geyser in your car. Take precautions like coiling the tubing if it's copper to prevent a failure from vibration and making sure it is protected by a grommet at the firewall.