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Opinion poll on '65 Satellite paint Job


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Aug 22, 2015
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Ok Guys/Gals need a popular opinion on a Paint job on the '65 Satellite !! It's Epoxy primed and ready to shoot! My ?
to everyone is what's the best way to go?? Acrylic, lacquer,
or ??? Also I'm stuck on a color as to what the '65 available
colors are so I'm in the middle of a color + 4 years as B-5
Blue or F-8 Green, Also I've seen a "FEW" '64-65s with
Bumble Bee stripes so I'd like to hear some PRO'S and CONS
on TASTE!! I'll post pics of paint job after its done Mid April
I am not a fan of bumble stripes on Plymouths. That is a Dodge thing. As far as the color, either one looks good. They had a turquoise color back then that was cool also. Good luck.
Hey BadBee,
Is this a restoration? If so use a OEM color per the original manufacture. If not, it is your car so you're in charge. I'm two-toning my 65.
You can go to www.paintref.com to find out what colors were offered for that year and model. If it's out there, they'll have a chip for it, and a formula number, if available.

A good color in my car, original red.
Thanks Guys, it's a restoration, I like the Red,but I'm swaying towards the B-5 or F-8, I did check out the '65 colors and there were 14 of them my car was originally
a Medium turquoise Poly, but not my style, I do have two dashes and a ton of parts as a donor car was with it,I'll post some parts I don't use as I will not need them after the resto is done but that will be a while but rather them go to Fbbo members, if you need some thing p.m me but I won't be picking car up till April
when snow is GONE!! thank Chri-t.
Is this something you are spraying yourself? Single stage urethane will give a closer look to original and much easier to shoot. Two stage urethane will give a deeper, wetter color but more prep to shoot right. I say stick with a stock color. Which color...is up to you. Hard decision indeed. Good luck.
I,m with 493 Mike I like factory two tone. I would also go with bc/cc .It,s your car do what you like.
if it were mine i'd stay factory colors. i do like the two tones; fits the era.


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I'm a purest, and like this era of cars in the color they were born with. You really can't compare the original colors to the new system colors, as the multi-stage paints just POP when they are applied properly. I'm doing a 63 Post, /6 conversion to a Max Wedge clone now. I had thoughts of going with a change to Q5, and black interior, but I am going to stay with the Medium Turquoise, and matching 3-tone interior to keep as much original as possible. I guess I'll need to build a Street Rod someday so I can actually pick a color out of the blue...IMG_0932.jpg
Danny, Q-5 Sea Foam green is on of my All Time Favorites! I Seen a '69 Bee wwith a White Stripe and it Was To Die for ! Going back to the think tank, thanks
EVERY ONE for posts and PICS!! White looks Awsome to Tempest! ThreeWood,a
Friend of mine is shooting it for me as he has the Booth, Thank You!!
While my coronet is not in the stock paint, it started life as the light gold color for 65. When I bought is a few years ago it was already painted this metallic brown. I really like it along with the white vinyl top & interior. I think the green you were talking about would look great. Good luck with whatever you end up choosing. Look forward to seeing some pictures of the car.

My 65 was a dark blue metallic that had a greenish tint to it in some lighting . Always thought it was one of the best 65 colors . At nite it looked black and people would piss me off when stating "nice black paint" !!!!
B-B, did that '69 look anything like this ? I never should have let this one go ! Number matching, with papers.100_1541.JPG100_1548.JPG100_1554.JPG It brought a tear to my eye as the new owner pulled out of my driveway, and I still remember that last view...
Was it 383/4 speed?? Cause that looks an AWFUL LOT LIKE IT!!! And it was a black
stripe!! I stand corrected!!

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Where DID IT GO????
It was a Blue Collar Muscle Car -383, 4-spd, Bench seat, & AM Radio. Nothing else for frills. Drove & rode like a dream, and fit like a glove. It headed towards the Hudson Valley I believe. I haven't seen another like it since, but I'm always looking...