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Opinions on "Retro Nascar Paint Schemes"


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Jan 17, 2009
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South Central TEXAS
Just looking for opinions here....

I'm toying with the idea of a "tribute" or retro NASCAR paint scheme on my '64 Polara. Either Jr. Johnson's #3 or David Pearson's #6 '64 Dodge. Cotton Owens has built a "recreation" of the David Pearson driven car already, that's why I'm leaning towards the Jr. Johnson #3. Being from Texas, ideally I'd like to do the A.J. Foyt #47 Dodge (Texas Dodge Dealers) but it was red and I've already painted the engine compartment white and jammed all the doors.


Or the Jr. Johnson #3 (Florida Dodge Dealers) I grew up in South Florida...

or the David Pearson #6 which is the most plain and has been done before.

This car will not be a daily driver or ever see a race track (of any kind). It is an original 2dHt 4 speed 383 car but now has a 440 under the hood and it will only come out for club events, shows, and weekly cruise-ins. If I go this route I'll add the roll cage and make the appropriate exhaust mods with electric cut-outs.

What are your feelings on something like this..... stupid, interesting, ridiculous, juvenile....

Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings. Like I said, I'm just toying with the idea.
I'd go with the Ray Fox scheme.
Buddy Baker drove a #3 Ray Fox Dodge to a big win at Charlotte in later years.
He was the guy that broke Petty's 27 win streak in 67!
those guys had balls of steel to run the kinds of speeds they were in a basically show room stock car and very minimal safety equipment.
Being from TX too, I would go w/AJs but Pearsons redtop is very cool!
FWIW, I like the look of the Jr. Johnson #3 paint scheme the most. However, I would be very tempted to repaint your completed work and make your tribute of AJ's car.

You might like this picture:

Go for it. Nothing wrong with a tribute. Just make sure you put plenty of roll bar padding on the bars.
Do it ! Funny, a good friend of mine is Doing a NASCAR version of his 64 polara. This will be his daily driver though. Has the correct style air cleaner, shifter handle, and a bunch of other things. It's looking really good so far !
I did a Marty Robbins tribute car years ago......was a real stock car I vintage raced for a while, but I converted it back to a street car and some one else is now enjoying it....should of kept it!!!
marty robbins car.jpg
Done right I think they're awesome. I never liked the cars that have the paint, but not the stance. You can't just put stickers or numbers on the car and call it a day... gotta change a few things. That Earnhardt tribute car Chevrolet did was kinda pathetic.
Thanks for all the replies guys. After doing some calculating and thinking about it I really think that I'm too far along to be able to go the Nascar retro route. The car already has AC and a custom dash and in order to do a creditable Nascar theme I'd have to pull the engine and repaint it, change the exhaust system and go with a lower rise intake. It's just going to be too much work and cost too much. So, I'm back to my original plan which will be very similar to the one in the pic below. Same colors but a standard "hemi" scoop instead of the 5" unit in the pic. However, I will install a roll bar, 5 point harness, rear seat delete, and dog dish caps, just to add a little racing cue to the theme.