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Original front disc brakes?

Harmon indicated buick seals look same but are different size

Try rock auto for Centric CE 143.63012 caliper repair kit
Replacement Classic calipers do not have proper bolt heads for attaching the brake hose bracket
Note that the bolt heads are not tapped to accept hose brackets bolts
Another forum(forget which one) indicated welding a nut to the bolt end to accept bracket bolts might be a fix
This forum also indicated that this bolt may be metric and not accept your old caliper bolts
The good new is that somebody is making a replacement
I really don't understand why no body want free spindles( a body) , have an extra set of original Chrysler parts when i remove my brake conversion, the yunk yard already have an extra pair I buy the extra pair, the rest is easier to get for your brake conversion, let me check If I have the calipers yours if you want them pay for shipping FedEx is available for me to ship it to you if you want
I need some A-body spindles. What do you have?
Just my thoughts on the factory Bendix power boosted disc setup.
I find they are perfectly OK for my driving style and in fact they are quite powerful if I need to stop fast. I have a 1 and 1/8 bore master cylinder supplied by the Ramman. My brakes improved when I fitted that new master, but my old one was not quite right.
There is a rotor only made by Durabrake that can replace your worn disc but you reuse your hub. Bendix MC would be 1 1/8" bore for this setup. Same/similar other than some piston differences as the 70B non-hemi MC with KH Disc.

Junk yard/Carlisle rotor, are most likely not going to be useable. These rotors where much thinner. Even for a simple cruise only car I would be hesitant to use them.

I would like to hear more on the Year1 rotor, because it also say it works on 70-72 and that was different. They are close, but the hub dimension is different 66-69 versus the 70-72. I also read a post of some one who had dimensional issues when trying to use one, and Ramman had a video that showed significant dimensional differences from 2 of the same rotors purchased. I really do not think a single piece rotor is available unless you find someone with an old stock. Ramman made one, but not sure he still has them, not on website. This really is the harder system to maintain when it comes to rotors. MC and Calipers not difficult.
I went ahead and purchased pair of these ($260) they seem to be of decent quality. These fit either side, just need to move the bleeder. I welded on 5/16th bolts for the brake hose bracket rather than drill and tap. The hose bracket would have to be clearanced if bolted on 'flush', so the (welded) bolt moved it outward enough to clear the larger caliper casting. No other modifications needed, bolted right on.