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originality and subframe connectors

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7:09 PM
Oct 24, 2014
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Deltona, Fl.
How will welded in torque boxes and sub-frame connectors effect value on original #s matching 69 rr rm21.
Unless it's a hemi or a six pack, I wouldn't think it would. I for one, would rather have them, original or not.
I agree with the others and put them in both my cars.
Thanks-they were already installed when I bought the RR and did not want to remove unless it dramatically depriciated value. Lots of new sheetmetal and 4-speed hump with z-bar bracket also welded in. Also got period correct dana-60 with 410s -all new. I believe old owner was setting up for Hemi. Have original drivetrain -original core-support is in and perfect. I am doing complete rotisserie resto with original drivetrain set aside and use 440 ,convert to 4-speed and run the dana. Like the extra support and safety from the torque boxes and connectors but this would be the time to remove the perfectly installed pieces since she is in the air and down to the shell-just lining up doors and fenders now preparing for final massaging and blocking. This is my first all-over.

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this is my first attempt to post pix


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Oh yeah welcome to FBBO

Maybe effect the value, only if it was a concourse 100pt restoration or something along those lines,
I guess it depends on the buyer thou...

to me it's a plus...
no harm no foul if it's done correctly, I actually prefer them added...
Thanks guys-I plan on driving the heck out of it. I love being in contact with a bunch of gearheads that build their own hotrods.What a great site- THANKS FBBO!
I too have to agree with the others. I am having it done as well on my 69 Charger. After 47 years and 88000 miles, being cut up and new panels added everywhere, it can only be beneficial to the integrity of the body.