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  1. sam dupont

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    Nov 9, 2020
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    5:20 PM
    The mention of lifts on the Best Tool thread made me think of this lift.
    I'm wanting an outside 2 post lift for messy jobs. I want to put it between two buildings with the posts wall to wall since the buildings are only 11 feet apart. One building has a soffit 8 feet up and except for this one, all lifts are taller than that. I had resigned myself to cutting into the roof, then I found this portable lift that is 95 inches tall. Thoughts?

    Triumph C-7000 Portable Two Post Auto Lift, 7,000-LB Capacity
    The Triumph Portable 7,000-LB Capacity 2-Post lift is Stow-able and not limited by cables. It can be mounted at any width up to 120" between posts. It can also by installed in multiple locations.

    Ten minutes is all it takes to brake down lift to be conveniently stored. Leaving you with 100% of usable floor space. Great for auto enthusiasts with low ceiling application.

    Specifications include
    7,000 lbs. capacity
    • Low Ceiling application
    • Portable and Stowable-No Cables
    • Chain Drive
    • Dual Point Lock release
    • Automatic Locking Ladder System Welded
    • Powder coat finish
    • 4ea Stackable 3″ & 6″ ‘drop-in’ Height Adapters
    • Portable Power Unit/w Stand
    • Overall Height 95"
    • Overall Width 74" to 150" (base plate to base plate)
    • Distance Between Posts 48" to 120", (center to center)
    • 69" Pad height-at highest locking position
    • 4 1/2" Minimum Pad height
    • Base Plate 18" x 15"
    • Power Unit - 110volt - 30 amp
    • Lift does not include wheels mounted to back of posts.

    Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 8.25.44 PM.png
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    • RemCharger

      RemCharger Well-Known Member

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      Apr 5, 2014
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      6:20 PM
      But it's 69 " pad height. If you're tall, kinda shitty. And make sure the concrete has a decent footprint to anchor the freestanding posts
    • Darter6

      Darter6 FBBO Gold Member FBBO Gold Member

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      Dec 29, 2009
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      6:20 PM
      A friend installed one at his shop. Great for brake jobs and wheel work. Hit my head allot working under it.
      We ended up using a shop wheeled stool under it on occasions .
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