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Paint Guns?


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Nov 14, 2011
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I have two and one touchup guns all over forty years old. How do you tell the size of the metering orifices? At a high, I'm going two-stage paint but this is a budget build so money is tight plus the car is far from a show car I just want a presentable job. This car was painted years ago with I think enamel so since I'm only doing the engine bay (engine is out) I'd do it myself.
Buying a gun is something I'm not crazy about but if I have to can you suggest an inexpensive one will one spray base coat and clear? What I have will be fine for a primer but not two-stage. Should I just stick with enamel or is there another type of paint to use that my guns can apply? I know enamel is not easy to spray but it's an engine compartment, not the outer body. I need to repair small rust spots on both quarter extensions so a touch up will be needed advice, please.

Many Thanks
I bought mine from TCP Global. I bought a three gun kit for $99.00, and I think individually the guns are fifty bucks. They are very nice quality, nicer then expensive guns used to be back in the day. I’m a pro painter and am aware there’s amazing, expensive guns out there but for what you want these are fine. I use them on my own car.
fluid nozzles air caps and needles all have markings
generic photo
I also use TCP global SS acrylic enamel through their restoration shop paint line with very good results. I bought a SUMMIT brand 1.4 paint gun for like 45 bucks that works really well. the main thing is having the scfm to push it all
Your'e gonna think i'm nuts but check out Harbor Freight " purple gun" also like the Cambell Hausfeld.
Auggie, the 1.4 tip is pretty multi use except for the real thick polyester primers and say por 15 and the like , then you would want a 1.8.
the 1.4 will do your enamel, also base, clear and epoxy sealers ect. If your only going to use it once in a while just grab a cheap one.
They all shoot pretty decent when new. Its after some use and cleaning cycles the expensive ones rise and shine.
I agree with what was given so far. I have a Devilbiss finishline set and it has been trouble free for years. All needles and orifices are laser or punch marked. Also want to reinforce having the proper compressor and air filtration is required.

I just bought a devilbiss finishline.
Its trapped in my mailbox on the opposite side of the border.

I also have one of these. I have used it for base, clears, epoxy, and acrylic urethane. Its been a great gun.
I have 2 small no name HVLP guns that I used for doing vinyl & leather repair, not quite the gun for doing large jobs like vehicles but gave me the teachings of shooting a gun! When I got around to painting my van, and by no means am I a vehicle painter. I had no **** very Good Luck shootin my van with one of these from every bodies favorite Hardware store!!!!! https://www.harborfreight.com/20-oz-hvlp-gravity-feed-air-spray-gun-62300.html
If your only going to use it once or twice, you can't go wrong, I sure didn't! I'll now let the fight start. Good Luck
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