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Paint Opinion


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Jul 1, 2010
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Lakeland FL
I know I could have put this in the paint/bodywork section but I wanted feedback primarily from people with eth same body style. First a little back story: I had the Cordoba painted about 12 yeas ago, initially the car looked great but the problems (peeling, bubbling, etc) started after just a few months later by which time the the painter had closed up shop and moved out of state. Long story short it turns out he didn't use any sealer.

Well as these old cars do I've got a little rust and minor dings to take care of now so it'll be getting another paint job. I believe these cars should be driven so I'm not talking show car paint but I have an idea that I think will look pretty cool: I'm thinking satin black. My car has all the chrome and it's still in pretty good shape so that will stay to contrast the paint.

Any thoughts?
That seems to be popular these days. I also remember being poor in the late 80’s and making cars Krylon flat black. It’s really a personal choice though. I’d personally go for a color.
A black car in Florida? Even with good A/C I wouldn't want to get in to start the engine!
Mike (dyed in the wool snowmobiler)
Flat or satin black makes them look like a bit of a beater IMO. I understand the satin black is no easier to lay down than gloss paint either and just as hard to match if you have to repair it later. If it was MY car I would go gloss but if you prefer the satin black go for it.
You want opinion ? Ok. Go white, black or silver and look like the millions of bland modern cars on the road today. The roads today look like the black-and-white TV screen I used to watch in my youth. And that dull black or grey paint I've seen lately, looks like a 15 year old kid sprayed krylon in the garage, that tempts me to throw a buck in the window to help out a fellow down on his luck. The unique colors of these cars add to it's flavor.
I agree satin black looks good for about 5 minutes. Then it looks like a beater. I know a guy that does car vinyl wraps that wrapped his newer Camaro in matt black. It looked good when it was newly done and very clean. After that it always looked dirty and old beater.
Getting a new color paint job can be a difficult task to choose. Especially matching the interior and trim. I changed mine long ago and stayed with it after a couple more paint jobs over the decades. This is the latest paint done 1.5 yrs ago.

Cordoba 2019.jpg
OH... may I add, I personally love Cordobas, and you have a beautiful car & color as is. My opinion.
A black car in Florida? Even with good A/C I wouldn't want to get in to start the engine!
Mike (dyed in the wool snowmobiler)
I've had several black vehicles (all trucks and a Durango) and most had good AC. Live in SSE Texas too and well, it doesn't matter what color the car or truck is here lol.
When the Cordobas, Magnums were New. They had a nice look. Even the Furys. Miradas were another neat looking one. I think youll have fun with it.
Your car, you do what you want with it. You did ask for an opinion, so I don't like satin, unless you are going for a rat rod look. If you want it black, do it in gloss. As an alternative, what was the factory colour the car came in? Is it a colour you like?
My Cordoba was Radiant Fire Red, still wish I had it. Succumbed to Midwest cancer after 12 years.
Well, that went about the way I expected. I was actually on the fence and was was mainly thinking that I'd leave it in satin black while I did the body work, because it would be easier to match and then probably repaint it the original color once that was done.

Thanks for the feedback I guess it'll be Inca Gold forever.