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Parting 69 sport satellite!!

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rocker moulding clips

Did this car have rocker mouldings?If so,are there any of the clips that are still in good shape?My 69 Sport Satellite has clips that have 2 attaching pins instead of the single pin that is commonly seen.What kind of shape is the finish panel in?
No rocker moldings and the trim panel was gone when I got the car. I would suggest just buying a repop. If you find an original by time you get it polished it will set you back almost double what you pay for a repop.
Still have headliner and Bows. Really nice shape $100 for all w/ clips.
dash frame $100
Guage cluster $100
Switch panel and all working switches and dimmer switch $100
Ashtray w/ 2 lighters $30
Lower dash pad perfect $200
Glove box door perfect $30
All the window trim. $25 a piece
Fenders $400
Ds door $150
rear window $100
Side rear windows $40 ea.
Arm rests $20 ea.
A/C evap box $100
Headliner trim $25 ea.
Armrest backing plates $10 ea.
map light $30
Inner fenders $60 pair need a little hammer dolly work.
68 power steering box and bolts $200
power steering pump SB $100
So! will you be getting back to me some day about the ignition switch and key?
Bump make some offers! I need to get rid of this stuff!
78 440 has forged crank and balancer just a short block $300
75 440 block $150 has flash rust.
452 head cores $150 pair.
741 SG rear end complete $350
2 speed wiper motor $25
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69 plymouth RR/satellite/GTX factory service manual. $55 shipped.
Also have some new parts for mopar BB engines to list this week .
open to offers,this stuff has to go!
need some inner fender patches around the hood hinges and under the battery tray. How are the inner fenders you have in these areas? Willing to cut them to save on shipping?
The inner fenders are 2 good to cut. they are surface rust only $50 for the pair. I will cut them If u wanna pay the $50 for them.
Inner fenders sold! Switch panel sold! Gauge cluster sold!
78 440 w/ forged steel crank and 452 heads thrown in $350
75 440 block $125
head lights $10 ea.
hood hinges very good working condition $40
hood $100
lower dash pad $150
dash trim 3 piece $35
power steering gearbox w/ bolts $150
SB power steering pump $30
rear window $75
rear 1/4 glass $25 ea.
DS door $125
fenders $400 pair
68 tail light $30
ignition and key $25
inner drip rail steel trim $60 pair
drip rail steel trim $100 pair
glove box door $25
satellite plastic dash trim 3 piece $35
ashtray and 2 lighters $20
map light $20
front windshield trim $80
dome light no cover w/ wiring $15
Did this car have the belt line trim? Goes from back of window, attaching to the chrome drip rail trim, along top of quarters and doors to the front? I need both sides, quarter especially, but will take door top trim as well.

Also, whatta ya want for the AC vent dash insert?
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