SOLD Parting Out a 1979 Plymouth Arrow Race Car

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**NO Interior Pieces** but almost everything else...
Pictures show the car which houses a rebuilt 2.0L just broken in. Everything you see is up for grabs including the entire car for pickup
If you don't see what you're looking for just ask, I've got a lot.

Spare parts list of what's not on the car:
2.0 Engine Lost power, needs to be gone through. Has valve cover, head, flywheel, timing cover, oil pan
2.6 Engine Runs. Ready to drop in. No alternator, no carb, no exhaust manifold
Includes: Intake manifold, distributer, spark plug wires, thermostat housingm timing cover, oil pan, performance cam, fan w/clutch, starter, transmission, head, valve cover, timing components, crank pulley, dipstick

speed bleeders M10 X 1.0, need to be installed Dorman 12706 2 pairs new
Brake Fluid Reservoir With Cap, bracket, and hoses 1 Used
Brake Pad Shim Kit Beck Arnley 084-2028 1 new
Brake pad Retaining Clip Carlson H4878 1 new
Caliper Guide Pins Raybestos H15020W 1 new
Disc Brake Hardware Kit Raybestos H15534A 1 new
Disc Brake Hardware Kit Raybestos H15534-2 1 new
Brake Light Switch Standard motor Products SLS100 1 new
Rubber Brake Hose Raybestos BH38120 1 new
Caliper seal kit Coni-Seal CK102147 1 new
Universal Master Cylinder Kit 1 inch Rebuild Kit 1 new
Master cylinder 18m142 ac delco 0
Brake pad set Front As far as I can tell they are Bendix for a Hyundai, but they match the hawk pads. Good condition Bendix DB441 1 set Used
Brake pad set front Well worn, but plenty of pad left Hawk HB 156.E.562 1 set used
Brake pad set front broken in, matchin pad thickness Hawk HB 156.E.562 6 pads used
Brake pads front Broken in, slightly .8-1mm thicker than set 5 Hawk HB 156.E.562 2 pads used
Brake pad set rear Broken in Hawk HB 203 1 set used
Brake pads rear 2 misc brake pads, very similar to Hawk HB 203, only keeping until we're sure we know what pads fit car 2 used
Brake pads rear 4 (stock style?) pads, same as item 8, came with calipers Abex 6045ff 2 used 2 new
Proportioning valve 1 used
Pile of used brake hardware lots of old misc hardware
Caliper (Rear?) Autospecialty/Beck Arnley 40-52508 1 New
Caliper (Front?) No hardware Autospecialty 40-5250 1 new
Calipers 7 calipers, 4 styles. Includes 2 hoses 7 for parts
Caliper brackets 3 for parts
Rotors 3 pairs, 2 different bolt patterns, not drilled or slotted 3 pairs used
Rotors Possible part numbers for 4 lug rotors Front
acdelco 18a45
acdelco 18027645 same part as previous entry just a longer part number
Bendix PRT1116
Centric 121.46001

Wheel Bearing National RW128R 2 new
Wheel Bearing Collar Beck/ Arnley 053-0024 1 new
Bearing National 102-CC 1 new
Bearing Beck Arnley 062-0187 1 New
Bearing and race set Timken L44610-L44649 1 New
Bearing SKF BR50 2 New

Gaskets and Seals
oil pan gasket Fel-Pro OS30400A 1 new (broken)
Differential Gasket Fel-Pro RDS55336 1 new
Differential Gasket Chrysler 9 1/4, 9 1/2 ring gear, 12 bolt Corteco 36013
Differential Gasket Chrysler 8 1/4 ring gear, 10 bolt Corteco 36012
trannsmission pan gasket 0
Miscelaneous Gaskets Not boxed, need to be sorted
Oil Seal Chicago Rawhide 17160 1 new
front wheel seal Beck Arnley 052-0056 1 new
Wheel Seal Rear
Wheel Seal Beck Arnley 052-2169 1 new
Input shaft/oil seal National 222820 1 new
Oil and grease seal PTC, PT 1196, alt part # 14704 2 new
Oil seal National 471847N 1 new
Thermostat/ thermostat housing/ water outlet seal
Fel-pro 35084 1 new
Valve cover gaskets misc, no box 2 used 2 styles
Engine gasket set open box, need to make sure everything is there Fel-Pro HS8768B 1 new
Engine gasket set open box, need to make sure everything is there (contains 2 head gaskets) Halls Gaskets 1 new
Head gasket 1.6L Payen 09-10313 1 new
Exhaust manifold gasket 037-4641 Beck Arnley 2 new
Intake manifold gasket Victor Reinz MS15295 1 new
Head Gasket set New unopened, Contents listed on box Engine Dynamics by McCord HS 036 2 new
Lower gasket set New unopened, Contents listed on box ROL Gaskets LS 31741, Fel Pro # CS8770

Engine (Internal)
Timing Damper Melling BD30 1 new
Melling Timing Damper Melling BD31 1 new
Timing chain guide 7064 1 new
Timing chain guide 7048 1 new
Timing Chain Kit 1 new
Timing chain and guide Cloyes 9-5031 1 new
Timing tensioner Cloyes 9-5049 1 new, 1 new partial
Timing tensioner ITM Engine Components 60021 1 new
Timing Cover Internal damage from broken crank, seems useable 1 used
Timing Cover Damage from water pump bolt puncture, seems useable would have to use sealant on that bolt 1 used
Misc timing components Used, many misc components, needs to get sorted
Crankshaft See pic on Google Drive for more info 1 Used
Crankshaft 1 Used
Crankshaft Smaller than all other cranks 1 Used
Crankshaft Says 2.0U 2.6F 15204 in paint marker on it 1 Used
Rocker arm assemblies
One additional assemblies attached to head listed later in engine internal
5 used
Rocker arms 28 Used
Engine bolts
Engine bolts
Engine bolts
2.0 Pistons AE Engine Parts 20040 4 New in box
2.0 Pistons Includes rocker arms and piston rings 3 Used
2.6 Pistons Sealed Power H589P 4 New in box
2.6 Pistons Includes rocker arms and piston rings 4 used
Connecting rods misc. 2 used
Cam shaft this is where the cars live
Cam shaft rusty
Cam shaft
Cam Shaft extremely rusty
contains rocker arm assembly mentioned previously in this section
Head no rocker arm assembly
Head contains valves & valve springs
Head contains valves & valve springs
Oil Pick Up one for 2.0L and one for a 2.6L

Engine (external)
oil drain plug 0
oil Filler Cap Stant 46526 1 new
oil filler cap 1 used
alternator/fan/water pump belt 1095x10 (For 2.6 application for alternator and water pump pully only (if using stock alternator pulley) 15375 1 installed
radiator fan
oil filter Wix51381 (o reileys) 1 new
Oil FIlter ACDELCO PF1177:p 1 new
Oil Cooler and Hoses 1 used
Oil Sandwhich Plate
Starter 16514 0
Starter for 1980 dodge D50 2.0 Order from Lucas Auto Parts AC Delco 3361327 0
radiator safety release cap Stant 331 1 Used
radiator hoses Stock radiator will need stock bottom hose,what are aluminumradiator hoses?
water pump With gasket, Different from other water pump Gates 41109 1 new
Water pump No gasket Master C7116 1 new
Thermostat housings 6 thermostat ousings and 2 coolant temp sensors
Radiator Aftermarket, only legible numbers 2013, dented, needs to be checked for leaks and fitment 1 used
Valve cover 1 used
Valve cover 1 used
Valve Cover Includes oil filler cap 1 used
oil pan 1 used
Engine Mount
Transmission mount
Fan 1 used
Fan w/ clutch Aisin fan and clutch (5740?) 1 used
Fan shroud 1 used
Fan shroud 1 used
Fuel line metal 1 used
Crank Pulley 1 used
Water pump pulley 1 used
Header ON PART: cut tubes for clearence. Both headers are home made
Header both headers are home made
Engine Mount / Support not the actual engine mount but the body piece it mounts to?
K member contains both front shock mounts, and their connecting brace

Spark Plug Wires Beck Arnley 175-1528 1 New
Misc Spark plug wires 3 new
Distributor Rotor Duralast JA919 1 New
Distributor Rotor Auto Pro 134-430 1 new
Distributor Rotor No box 1 new
Distributor Cap E-Tron Components JH67 1 new
Distributor Cap Master Pro Ignition 2-4852 1 new
Distributor Cap No Box 1 new
Misc Distributer Parts Misc stuff
Misc Distributer Parts 2 contains almost whole distributors
Box of coils
MSD Tach adapter #8920, Mallory capactive discharge ignition transformer 28880
Distributor Rotor 831-683

Electrical (not ignition)
battery connectors/electrical connectors
tailight bulbs 11,561,157 ???
Headlights Sealed beam 6054 Sylvania H6054 Xtravision 0
Battery Age unknown, needs to be replaced 1 used
Marine Battery Terminals Need to be installed 2 new
alternator For 1979 Fire Arrow 14267 0
fuses Put fuses in car for driver to use
Temperature sender / sensor Standard Motor Products TX11 1 new
bulb socket Autometer 2 wire Autometer 3220 0
bulb socket Autometer 1 wire Autometer 2359 1 new
Gauge Accessories knurled nuts (8-32), bulbs and sockets, instructions, installation hardware
Volt meter Autometer, 3592
Hall effect sensor Autometer, 5290
Speedometer Autometer, 3988
Vacuum gauge Autometer, 3484
Wiper Motor 1 Used

U-joint Moog 398 1 new
U-joint Beck Arnley102-0148 1 new
U -Joint GMB 220-0081 1 new
U-Joint Rockford Driveline K1516 1 New
clutch 0
clutch cable Centric 156.46012, replaces ca52012 1 new
Clutch Parts Includes housing, misc pressure plates and friction plates and other thingamabobs... need to be sorted
Transmission Says 2.6 on it in paint marker
Axle shafts 25 spline, 4X4.5in 3 used
Axle shaft w/ studs 25 spline, 4X4.5in 1 used
Spindles Misc 4 used
Rear End Assembly 6 3/4 ring gear, open diff,8 bolt 1 Used
Rear End Assembly 6 3/4 ring gear, open diff, 8 bolt 1 used
Rear End Assembly 7 1/4 ring gear, L/S, 3.54, 10 bolt, good shape 1 used
Differential housing Bare housing,10 bolt 1 used
Differential housing Includes pinion and bearing, 10 bolt 1 Used
Pinions 3 Used
Differential 7 1/4, Open diff w /ring 1 used
Differential 7 1/4, open diff w/ ring says 2.6 on it in paint marker 1 used
Differential 6 3/4, welded diff w/ broken welds w/ ring 1 used
Differential 6 3/4, open diff w/ ring 1 used
Misc. Diff parts
Hubs front hubs 2 used
Driveshaft yoke splined, Says small tranny 2.0 on it 1 used
Driveshaft yoke cut off of driveshaft 1 used

Carburetor Assembly Holley 500CFM, Broken Throttle lever cable, needs to be fixed, tuned, and tested Holley 4412-S 1 used
Carburetor assembly Holley 350CFM, Installed, needs to be tuned Holley 7448-1 1 used
Carb rebuild kit
Carb gaskets
Carb jets
Air cleaner housing with air cleaner installed, will probably want to go larger? 1486 0
Air Filter Champion Labs AF341 1 new
K&N Breather FIlter 1.25"
carb throttle spring bracket On car, no spare needed Lokar xsrk-4000
Throttle springs Need to determine which we'll use
Intake Manifold Redline carburator spacer used
Intake Manifold Redline carburator spacer w/ mr gasket holley adapter WRITTEN ON PART: late model 2.6 for holley adapter 1937 mr. gasket

Body (interior/Exterior)
wiper blades We have 15 inch blades. Should go up to 16 maybe 17 inch ???
Wheel studs
Dash pad Accu-form plastics 901
Seat cover/padding: Kirkey 36311
Seat I want to make something like this, they're over $100 to buy
Passenger Seat Shell No cover. Owned by Larry
Passenger mirror Broken at bracket
Hood pin stuff Misc pieces that need to be installed
hood and hatch pins Spares needed
Hood stops Cracked, need to be replaced
Hood Latch Not needed 1 used
passsenger door bolt 1 Used
Quarter panel bolts new and used
Bumper gas shocks with bracket 3 used
Misc Body Brackets 4 large brackets, 1 small bracket. 1 Large one has heim joint 5 Used
Engine/Transmission mount misc used engine and transmission mounts and brackets
Hood prop rod 1 used
Wiper linkage Full assembly 1 Used
Front Bumper
Rear Bumper

Tie rod end adjusting sleeve TRW ES459S 1 new
Tie rod end adjusting sleeve ESF-5s, 45465-20030 1 new
Tie rod end Master Pro ES2194R 1 New
Tie Rod end ESF-136, MA-159982
Ball Joint Carquest K9077 1 New
Steering column 1 used
Sway bar links
Sway bar bushings
Trailing Arm? 2 different styles 2 used
Shifter Parts Includes shifter rods, boots, brackets
Used steering parts Includes, inner and outter tie rod ends, drag links, brackets
Steering gear Was ran without fluid, bearing surfaces are gacked, needs full rebuild large size steering gear
steering gear small size steering gear, bearing surfaces are ok, needs new shims, and to be adjusted and then I think it will be ok
Steering gear worm gear shaft seal Amazon, need to measure to be sure, not sure if the same on both size steering gears SKF 7473 0
Steering gear pitman shaft seal Rockauto, need to measure to be sure, not sure if the same on both size steering gears NATIONAL 222820, SKF 10930 0
Steering gear mainshaft bearings For large steering gear Koyo ACS0404 0
Steering gear mainshaft bearings For small steering gear Koyo ACS0304 0
Sway bar small 1 used
Sway bar large 1 used
Control Arm with ball joint Not stock, but used 1 Used
Strut rods 3 used
Coil Spring 10 in long, 2.5in ID, 3.42in OD, .44in coil diameter, 10 coils 1 used
Coil Spring installed, Landrum blue, 350 lb/inch 1 used
Coil Spring Ordered, Landrum gold series 350 lb/in 10 inch 2.5in ID
Coil Spring installed, all 3 coil springs are different 1 used
Coil Spring need to be installed Landrum O350 2 new
Shock Monroe OE spectrum Body Length: 15.625 in
Compressed Length:16.250 in
Extended Length: 23.500 in
Travel Length: 7.250 in
Monroe 73214 1 used
Shock Monroe 20722 2 used
Shock KYB Excel G 365029 1 new
Shock Big A/Monroe 86250, C92121 1 new
Shock Big A/Monroe 86269, C92112 1 new
Shock (front) installed, 1 7/8in diameter body, 11 1/8in body length Carrera 31663 1 used, 1 blown
Shock (rear) installed, KYB GR2 343030 2 used
Shock (rear) Exact same dimensions as installed shocks,but monotube. overall better shock. Need to be ordered. KYB KG4006 0

Wheels and Tires
Rims dirt track rims/tires, 4x4.5, 6 in wide, 13 in, American Racer tires 4 used
Wheel Spacers 1/4 in 4 used
Wheel Spacers 5/16in 2 used
lug nuts Current are 1 inch hex, 1/2-20 0
Wheel studs

Belts and Radiator Hoses
misc belts and hoses you'll have to ask they haven't been sorted

Miscellaneous/ Hardware
Valve cover hold down bolt includes bolt, washer, and grommet 2 used
Alternator adjustment bracket 1 used
Misc Hardware All hardware we don't know what it's for
Fire Suppression Cable 1 new, 2 used

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