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Pet Insurance Recommendations


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Jul 30, 2013
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Northwest, Montana
I figure it wouldn't hurt here to ask but, wondering of a good company for pet insurance. One of our cat's I was told might not be able to get coverage due to having FIV and Diabetes? Anyways, just looking to hear about experiences and recommendations. Also, just wondering what I would be looking at regarding co-pays? Thank you in advance.
I'm sort of curious now too

Popcorn Bigfoot eating.gif

I had it thru AKC before (American Kennel Club)
I don't really remember what I paid or copay, off hand...
didn't use it much anyway
My oldest sister is a DVM, she lives way up in Portland Or.
that's too far away now

I didn't do it/sign up with my newest Lab Elvis,
he's 7 y/o now

IIRC I think @Kern Dog had/has a policy, for his dogs
The wife got Trupanion for our dogs when she got a new Doxie, after we had problems with our old Doxie's back. She mentioned like any other insurance policy they come in all flavors. I would assume that means what is covered, costs, copays etc. She dealt with them so I don't have direct experience on how they are as a company, but it will give a place to start.
Thank you. I was suspecting that but, wasn't sure. Just trying to figure all of it out. It does give me a better place to start.
To us, its a bad idea. We did the insurance route with some prior pooches. You pay fully up front on the vet bill and submit it to the insurance company HOPING they pay back all or some. My wife had to spend many hours going round and round with them just to get even a small percentage back. We gave it up once it expired. They do their absolute best not to pay back.
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