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Pictures From R.R.T. CT HEMI Night Cruise-In


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9:27 PM
Mar 15, 2019
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Berlin, CT
I went to HEMI Night at Ralph's Rapid Transit cruise-in tonight to spectate. (As I mentioned in a tread). It was a fabulous night for this event. I got there about 6:15ish. Here are some pictures I took. It was not at all what I expected though. The "theme night" cars usually park in the first/front row. I was expecting older HEMI cars along with a mix of modern HEMI cars, All I saw was modern HEMI's, meaning Challengers and Chargers. WHO REALLY CARES, I can see those in the showroom. In my opinion, I wanted to see more older HEMI's.
HEMI Row.jpg

Front row ABOVE. Notice all modern HEMI. Gold fender at far left is a Ford Fair-lane W/ a 500" HEMI.
SRT Charger.jpg
In my opinion, this car ABOVE has a great color.
Ralphs GTX.jpg

ABOVE is Ralph's 67 HEMI GTX. Color is MM1 Copper with MM1 Copper interior with a 4 speed. Won Favorite 50 @ Adirondack Nationals in 2018
All I saw was modern HEMI's, meaning Challengers and Chargers. WHO REALLY CARES, I can see those in the showroom. In my opinion, I wanted to see more older HEMI's.

Not my idea of a car show either. Classic Iron or stay home. Exactly like the Battleship show in Mobile, Alabama this year. You had to walk by 15 new cars to see one Classic. The new stuff should be in the parking lot looking at the Classics. Come to my showroom 20 Classics and one 96 Viper and one 2006 Chrysler 300 SRT8.
Show needs a name change. I’m liking the green too.
Ralph puts on a heckovashow many times every summer.Ralph and his SUPERCAR stock appearing cars will be racing May 25th this month at the HEMMINGS Muscle Palooza at Lebanon Valley Dragway!

The GenI hemi guys probably say that same thing about out GenII cars!! I like both as I have grown up with the 426 based stuff, but I have to say the modern G3 platform’s performance is way more impressive on the street. Obviously, you can’t dismiss the fuel legacy of the 426 but these G3 cars have really secured their place in history. I never dreamt that a 4,000 factory production car could run 9’s with just a few mods. Insane.
Technically Ralph's GTX was the only vintage Mopar HEMI. Plus the Fair-lane with a HEMI. The rest of the cars were ford and chebbie's. Besides the TA Challenger I shared, there was a nice 69 Dart, and a Plum Crazy 440-6bbl Cuda. That's mainly it I think. Not many Mopars vintage wise as I thought last night. MIM car club Ralph runs, is having its Mopar Expo show and swap meet this weekend at Papas Dodge in New Britain. Hope some of you can make it. I created a tread about it. Anyway, for modern HEMI, I want to see more Magnums. There was one there last night. 2008 in blue. Guy said he has Nitrous on it. Runs around 700 horsepower. For modern Mopars I also want to see more Vipers or TC Maserati's. That's it. IMO, I want to see these more because they are more rare than the others. I have a "soft spot" for all Mopars. But don't particularity care about modern Challengers and Chargers. They're all the same to me. Granted, some are custom in their own way, but, you seen one you seen em all.
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