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Power Steering Pump


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Nov 14, 2015
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Chino Hills
Any words of advise on replacement pumps w/ res ? Id like to replace with the same model, Federal.Looks like those seem to be discontinued ?
That top one is a Saginaw. Also stay away from Cardone as they are junk. Have had good luck with the BBB pumps.
I concur....the pump shown in the link is a Saginaw. I believe Federal Pumps have the high pressure fitteng in the shaft side of the pump.
When rebuilding a vane pump, the vanes have a slight bevel on the leading edge. The vane ring (the stationary surface) should also be replaced as well. The vane's bevel faces the direction of rotation. Just use a little caution when installing the vanes in the hub to get all the vanes installed in the same direction.....and use a good 15 wt HYDRAULIC OIL when refilling the system. BTW....I suggest Steering and Gear or a rebuilder specializing steering components. Just my opinion of course.
Bob Renton
We rebuilt ours for like 15 bucks
It was easy
Only kicker is the tool to remove the pulley

IMG_20190420_184627274.jpg IMG_20190609_194148561.jpg IMG_20190609_194229950.jpg IMG_20190623_215221863.jpg
Thanks to all the responses we had it rebuilt for 100.00.
Now we have leaks from steering box
lol. It just never ends. !