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    Oct 18, 2008
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    These are the bare CNCed heads. $1200.00 usd shipped and insured in Canada or the lower 48. Thanks. Kim

    DCBDE4EE-BC35-4F5D-8F12-DC8A56F885AC.jpeg 558013D3-CB04-4B6F-9325-4D0D983D548A.jpeg E6A093BC-4F97-4EB3-96B7-B955674ACC0A.jpeg 80422211-65BF-430B-99F8-94F17E5CB0E6.jpeg 01D3F4A8-EB81-485C-AE4E-20FBCADA72EF.jpeg 3C4B2A25-08B2-4DDD-84D9-DAC8BE5A80D0.jpeg D3E7FC04-E9D0-4487-8A79-185979F33B1D.jpeg 4A93528E-39EB-45D2-A5B5-52A113960F61.jpeg
Thread Status:
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