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PST Eccentric Adjustment Hardware are Defective

Road Grabber

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Apr 14, 2020
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Sarasota Florida
I installed the Super PST kit and went for an alignment. I have to say I hope the bushings are better quality than the eccentric bolts. When the service tech tried to tighten the adjustment bolts the nuts began to strip threads. I couldn't believe what else I saw. The large flat oval washers began to crush/sink in and the lock washers actually spread apart. The hardness, or lack of I should say, of the steel was horrible. A brand new kit with new bolts and it was China crap steel hardware. I have heard this about this problem in the past with the PST torsion bar adjustment bolts stripping out too due to lack of hardness.

The alignment tech had to take the eccentric bolts back out and run to the hardware store to get replacement hardened nuts and flat hardened washers instead of using the lock washers to get the bolts to tighten properly. The lock washers flattened and spread out. Hardened steel lock washers do not flatten out. If anything they break because of their hardness.

I have another car to do with this kit and will use the original eccentric bolts that are still good 50 years later. This defect can cause the front end to loosen and throw it out of adjustment.
Worse part is that it added at least two more labor hours to my cost of alignment. The alignment cost more than it should have because of the extra labor. I should be given compensation due to this manufacturing defect.


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We take all product that we sell very seriously and take any and all issues that customers may have in the same way. If you have an issue with our product we would ask that you please reach out to us to give us a chance to address your issue. We make an effort to provide the best in quality for all products that we sell. If there is an issue we address it. We have sold 1400 of these is the past 12 months and this is the first I have seen there being any issue. But that doesn't mean that this wasn't an isolated incident. I would ask that you please call our customer service or PM me your detail and I will send you a replacement set. Can you please tell what you have them torqued to ? I have seen washers like that when they are over tightened, spread and then catch when loosening. In respect to our torsion bar adjusters we have had no issues with failures. When we have seen a failure its normally due to lack of lubricate prior to installation or people attempting to make ride height adjustments without unloading the weight from the suspension.

We have hear to help please reach out.

James From
I'll call when I get a chance and speak to who? A salesman? Who?

I don't like where this is going.

1. "Did you over tighten it?" "Did you torque it?" Who puts a torque wrench in between control arms and torques them down? You think technicians do that? I know air tools were not used.

I watched the technician align the front end. He was trying to tighten the eccentric after finalizing the alignment and couldn't because the lock washers were spreading. At first He thought the threads were stripping. He showed me the spreading washers with a flashlight. This guy knows Chryslers and has been doing this for years.

Hardened materials don't spread. They fracture. Hardened lock washers break. Thick 1/8 steel washers don't dish when tightened. You have a hardware problem. The hardness is defective. I have 50 year old alignment adjusting bolts that are still in good shape. You should put them through a test for case hardening at least. What carbon content do they have? You need to do your research.

2. I spoke to you and know you have installed front ends. Think about what you just proposed. "I will send you new bolts", That would mean paying for another alignment? And maybe go through the same thing? It takes time to remove the old ones and to replace them and that costs money!

I will use my own stock taken off cars instead of that crap and possibly go through the same ordeal. Maybe buy new ones from Moog. Unfortunately I couldn't do that because no one stocks parts anymore and I was stuck in a front end alignment shop with no choices but to fix what I had.

If you take the lock washer/large washer and just take a file to it or try to bend it you will see that they are not hardened. The mechanic took a set of diagonal cutters to one of your nuts provided and could virtually cut through the nut. That's hardened? It's crap steel. You provide/sell cheap China crap hardware. Aren't these made in China? Correct? China crap has been sent back many times by industries for their terrible quality control. Luckily a hardware store was down the block. Had to pay $1 each for nuts and hardened washers. Really?

I am a retired machinist/college grad Industrial Studies grad/ Industrial Studies teacher. I know metals having machined them for years. I have taken apart many Mopars and have seen their fasteners. I save old hardware just for this very reason. You can't compare the original with the "new" stuff you are sending out.

I don't want your bolts. I would like a credit, a special offer on other bushings packages ( I can't say your bushings are bad. I hope not! -just the hardware) I spent almost five hours and was billed a huge amount because of the labor cost added onto the alignment time spent.

I spoke to others in the FBBO first about your PST kits and you do have people who have had issues that had given up with customer service. You also have others who were happy and I trusted those users.

The adjuster torsion bar bolt problem was a post. Maybe they didn't unload the weight of the car. I know I have tightened bolts many times without unloading the weight by hand before with original riding height bolts with no issues. Unloading does make sense to be safe. I can copy and paste the posts if you really want to see them.

Next time you take a front end apart compare the bolts.

I hope you understand this was a large expense that should not have happened. You have a problem and if you push it off it's up to you but I don't think this will be an isolated problem and you should take the time to look into the hardware to have it tested. Factories do make mistakes and sometimes have recalls. Why would your issue be any different?
Honestly I do not understand the hostility right out the gate. All I did was ask some basic questions on the installation of your kit. I do not know you, your mechanical ability, background or your shops back ground so there is not need to defend yourself. I just asked questions and provided feedback from my own first hand experiences and knowledge of our products. All I saying is to give us the opportunity to correct your issue instead of blasting us on the forums. We are here to help we are not bad guys. I understand your frustration, the hours it takes to do these installs and find a reputable/competent shop for alignments. Please PM your full information (Name and Address) and either myself or our customer service manager will reach out you.

James From