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PVC valve question


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May 1, 2020
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I was working on my motor yesterday. I thought I'd check my PCV valve (not very old) and noticed at idle by touching the valve you could feel it vibrating.. what has me concern is that it would stop for a split second but start right back again, It wasn't a constant vibration , it was a constant stop and go ?? I don't think that is normal.... Motor run good and smooth , I did notice that vacuum is around 12 with a slight vibration in the gauge if I drop he gauge a hair the vibration in the gauge would stop. What are you folks thoughts on that
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I think you're fine, but you can always replace the PCV valve (cheap). Inside of the PCV valve, there's a little "pintle" which I believe is like a little weight with a point on the bottom. The point blocks a hole on the bottom (near valve cover end of PCV valve). When engine vacuum (or crankcase blowby pressure) pulls/pushes on the weight, it lifts up and un-blocks the hole. Heavier weights take more blowby/vacuum to lift up. That's my understanding anyway.

So...yours is vibrating, which sounds normal to me....like your 12" vacuum is right on the edge of lifting up the "pintle"