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Racing Insurance and roll cage?

Although I'm not sure on the rollcage bit but I have J.C. Taylor and they have a rate for stock(ish?) and one rate for modified vehicles. You may want to look into this. My brother had a claim with them and they quickly wrote the check.
Been in the insurance biz for a few decades. Seen a lot of tough things insured. I would vote for a check in with Loyds of London and possibly Assurant out in Florida. Lloyds is almost like a gambling syndicate in how and what they‘ll insure. They pretty much believe anything can be insured and they’ll let you know for how much. I would try a couple of the whales like Marsh McClennan or Aon for direction on how and who to get to Lloyds thru if not one of them.
Over the years i have insured many cars (over 6) with Hagerty and all had roll bars installed....never had a problem
Hagerty has track insurance, but I very much doubt they will insure bar/cage car for street use. Been told no, several times
If it is agreed value insurance it should not matter. Your agreeing on a value for the whole package not itemizing individual add ons. This is one of the reasons for agreed value, so they don't have to play the, "it has this kind of paint", " it has fuzzy dice and side pipes", "it has special wheels". It is all blanketed under agreed value, no going back to add in your "extras" when it gets totalled.
I have not found insurance which covers you in any competition type setting. That would most likely be on a per use basis with a lot of mumble-jumble to help protect them from big liability situations.
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