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Radiator/Shroud Question


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Dec 29, 2009
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I ordered a rad for a 79 Cordoba,When I got it the upper hose is on the passenger side. My 79 is on the driver side. Question is where the earlier say 75-76 upper hose on the passenger side ?
I will be looking for a Shroud to use with the new rad I got with hopes of asking for the correct year. I let it sit for 3 years on the shelf so no hopes of returning it.
You got the wrong radiator.
Yeah, I love it when they show 1 part number and it's a fits all. They show the same part number for a 76 440 Cordoba.
It came from Radiator Warehouse.
I've got a cordoba big block radiator in my 62, but i dont remember what year (75?) With the shroud, but i'm not sure the shroud is correct. I had it recored, but i dont think the tanks were changed. It has the upper hose on the passenger side.
I heard a rumor that the big blocks had the hose on one side, the small blocks on the other.
You could ask @65RoadRacer for the scoop, he works for champion radiator.
I did a little digging and it is for a big block.And it's for a 1976. I am just guessing that big blocks of that year had the lower hose on the passenger side like the small blocks of that era ?
I have a 74 Coronet 400 and starting in 74 the lower hose was moved to the pass side like the trucks. Upper hose has always been on the pass side.
I have some 28"shrouds and will in Reno next week. PM me if your interested.
My original 26" rad for my 77 Cordoba has both in and out on the passenger side.

Maybe you can ask them to send you/sell you the upper tank for your rad with the proper location for the rad hose? Then go to a rad shot and get it swapped out.